Help Support the People of Flint, Michigan

The HPOU is joining with our colleagues at AAPOL in asking officers and our friends in the community to help support a worthy cause. By now you are all aware of the crisis that is currently taking place in Flint, Michigan. An entire community does not have clean water to drink, a basic necessity in life. In lower income areas people cannot simply afford to purchase bottled water every day and are faced with the grave prospect of drinking from a contaminated water supply.

Police officers have never been the type of people to sit idly by while good people suffer, and this situation is no different. So please join us in donating to the people of Flint, Michigan.

You can donate to the United Way at the following website and they have already released a statement saying 100% of the donations will be used for purchasing water and filtration systems for the people of Flint, and NO administrative fees will be accessed. Thank you for helping and PLEASE SHARE!