Here’s latest information about your Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 110

Tom Hayes

The Houston Police Officers Union has been a member of the Fraternal Order of Police since 2011 as Lodge 110.

A handful of you may recall the HPD connection to the FOP goes back to the days of the HPPU and Lodge 109.

The HPOU has been working with several other law enforcement groups, Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA), Dallas Police Association (DPA) and with several other FOP Lodges across the state to strengthen the Texas FOP.

Recent events at the National FOP level puts the HPOU in a position to help drive Texas FOP to become one of the largest state lodges in the country. This will allow the HPOU to have a louder voice on issues at the national level.

HPOU is building up its numbers in the state FOP by slowly adding members. There is no additional cost to the HPOU members as we increase our FOP membership base. Be assured the national FOP does not sell your information to anyone, so you will not receive increased amounts of junk mail as a result of joining Lodge 110.

FOP membership provides access to insurance programs, on-line college discounts and other benefits, including being part of the largest national police organization in the country and the state.

For perspective, if you travel to a state with a large FOP base, your FOP membership card will carry more weight than your police ID.