Houston’s 9/11 Heroes Run draws 3,000 Runners, once again one of nation’s best

Greg Fremin

The Houston Police Department was once again honored to host the 9/11 Heroes Run, which has become a recognized national event that honors the memory of the victims of 9/11 and the wars since.

Held Sept. 10 at Ellington Airport to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the terrorist invasion of America, the 5K run was the crux of a fundraising cause inspired by the brave actions of a fallen Marine, 1st Lt. Travis Manion, killed by an enemy sniper in Iraq in April 2007 while fighting courageously to defend against an enemy ambush.

Established to honor his memory, the Travis Manion Foundation assists our nation’s veterans and the families of all fallen heroes, and more importantly, has become the signature event for the City of Houston for 9/11 ceremonies.

HPD Captain Gregory Fremin headed the coordination of the Houston event that replicated nearly 60 other races that were held all over the United States along with numerous US Military Installations across the world.

Houston once again led the nation as one of the largest races held along with the most monies raised.  Nearly 3,000 runners and participants came together for this great event.

“This gives us an opportunity to come together as a great nation and city to honor the memory of our fallen heroes,” Capt. Fremin said. “Fifty percent of this year’s proceeds will come back to Houston and support the HPOU Assist the Officer Foundation and the Houston Professional Firefighters Association, Local 341, both of which provide assistance to injured police and firefighters.

Fremin also gave special credit to the Houston Police Officers Union for its unyielding support and singled out HPOU 1st Vice President Doug Griffith for his dedication to the effort, along with HPD Captain Bryan Bennett.