HPD Burial Fund: Funeral Package Update and Long-Term Care Info

M. D. Beale Jr., 2nd Vice President HPROA

A while back we had an elderly retired officer die who was considered totally indigent.  There’s been more than a few along through the years. I know it seems a bit hard to believe but it happens more than you might realize.  Those of us that retired before the DROP/PROP programs started don’t have that cushion to fall back on.

Those that retire in the future won’t either.

Do not be hasty to judge.  If an officer has to split his retirement check with a previous spouse/significant other, it cuts everything at least in half, or if there’s more than that one to split with, it’s really easy to go through the “drag up” money and the monthly check.  Throw in child support, paying for uninsured medical expenses such as a parent in a facility, and a few bad investment ventures mixed with some plain bad luck along the way, and over the years you can wind up destitute even with DROP/PROP].

The Department’s Family Support Group, the Burial Fund and the HPROA Family Assistance Committee were able to get the money together to give the elderly officer mentioned above a decent funeral through a lot of effort.

Because of incidents like this, board members of the HPROA and the Burial Fund met with Joe Earthman and with Stephanie Salcedo of Secure Your Legacy, who specializes in funeral plans, and developed a funeral service based only on the current Burial Fund benefit of $4,250.

This funeral package has been created especially for HPROA members and their spouse/significant other who have an immediate need and little or no money to deal with funeral expenses.

There is no contract available for this “no-frills” benefit, but it is available at the time it’s needed for all HPROA members and their spouse/significant other through the Joseph J. Earthman Generations funeral home.  This company is NOT affiliated the Earthman Funeral Home chain around the country who are now part of the Dignity franchise.  The family sold out some years back and Joseph Earthman now runs his own separate business.

The price of the package includes a One-Day Service at the church or other location of choice; professional services fees; transfer to the Joseph J. Earthman location within 50 miles; standard care of the deceased or embalming (not required); dressing and repose to casket; flower utility vehicle; custom cap panel insert; framed lobby photo; online obituary; silver 20-gauge steel casket with white crepe interior; funeral coach for service; register book; and 10 death certificates.

For those selecting cremation and wish to have a memorial service for display of the deceased, a temporary dark-stained poplar wood unit with a light tan interior will be provided for.

Upgrades are available at additional costs.  Use of the chapel is possible, if no church is available, for an additional $795 plus the required security and valet costs.

The Burial Fund Board has asked that we mention that although this low-cost funeral benefit matches the Burial Fund Payout, the Joseph Earthman Generations plan is separate and apart from the Burial Fund. It is board policy not to endorse this or any other funeral plan.

The HPROA also has access to several Long Term Care insurance companies.  The current cost in the Houston area for basic care is about $170 each and every day in a semi-private room in a facility.  The 24/7 in-home care is about the same.

These are just two of the benefits of being a member of the HPROA.  Our goal is to take care of retired officers and our pension.  If you’re in DROP/PROP or retired and you’re not a member, you should be.  Check out www.hpdretired.com for more information.