HPD Officers, We have a Contract!

Ray Hunt

The HPOU thanks the city bargaining team consisting of Assistant City Attorney Natalie Deluca, HPD EACs Martha Montalvo and Tim Oettmeier, and HPD attorneys Capt. Jim Jones and Lt. Bradley Morefield.

Thanks also go out to former City Attorney David Feldman and current City Attorney Donna Edmundson.  This team saved city taxpayers thousands of dollars by using in-house personnel instead of outside negotiators.  As an example, the City of San Antonio is using outside attorneys and has already spent $700,000 and still has no contract.

The HPOU bargaining team consisted of HPOU attorney Bob Armbruster, First Vice President Doug Griffith, Second Vice President Joe Gamaldi, Secretary Will Reiser, Executive Director Mark Clark and myself.  We also had a bargaining committee that advised and gave guidance.  This committee consisted of captains, lieutenants, sergeants, senior officers and officers.

The number of supplemental points has not changed.  Seniority points are one per year up to 10.  Education points remain at one point for a Bachelor’s degree, two points for a Master’s, or three points for a Doctorate.  Those with 24 months in the military or an honorable discharge and no degree will receive one point.  The maximum supplemental points will be 13 and will be added after the assessment center.  All bypass procedures remain unchanged.

The last major change I want to stress is the physical agility test.  I applaud our mayor for offering a true incentive for our officers and supervisors to remain in shape.  Beginning Sept. 1, 2015, any officer or supervisor sworn before March 30, 2011 who takes and passes the physical agility test between Sept. 1 and Aug. 30 of each year, will receive $800 within 60 days of passing the test each year.

This will be limited each year to the first 1,250 who sign up and pass the test.  If more than 1250 from this group take and pass the test, the city may pay additional persons.  I think 1,250 is about the number in this group who will take and pass the test.

For those officers and future supervisors sworn after March 30, 2011, they will receive an additional 40 hours of PD each year they take and pass the test between Sept.

1 and Aug. 30.

For both groups, the test no longer has to be taken in your birth month.

As a one-time adjustment for this benefit year (Sept. 1, 2014 – Aug. 30, 2015), anyone sworn before March 30, 2011 who has taken and passed or takes and passes the PAT, will receive an additional eight hours on Sept. 1, 2015.   Those sworn after March 30, 2011 who have taken and passed or takes and passes the PAT, will receive an additional 48 hours on Sept. 1, 2015.

Other changes are noted in the contract which remains online at HPOU.org and hard copies are available at the HPOU.  Overall this is a very fair contract for all classified officers and for the taxpayers who pay for it.

Anyone with any questions regarding the contract may call Doug Griffith, Joe Gamaldi, Will Reiser, Mark Clark or myself at the numbers listed in the calendar.

Health Insurance

Remember, the deadline to have your 500 points to receive the lower rate insurance on May 1 is March 31.  We will not be able to assist those who forget or fail to complete this task.  We have the same issues with these points as many of you, but that’s what we have to live with at this time, so please get your points!

The HPOU Board of Directors thank each of you for allowing us to serve and wish you all a safe and happy Spring Break!

The contract is about 90 percent language from previous contracts, including the 4 percent across-the-board pay raise that will take effect this June.  Additional raises come in July of the following three years, with the last in July 2018.

The contract will end on Dec. 31, 2018.  There will be a 2 percent across-the-board raise in July 2019 if there is no new deal by that date.  The raises in July 2016 ($15 million) and July 2017 ($17 million) will vary in amounts as these will be adjustment years where we will bring each rank up to the comparable city averages of Dallas, Austin, Ft. Worth and San Antonio.  The last increase in this contract will be a 3.48 percent ($12 million) across-the-board pay raise in July 2018.

Other changes include the removal of PFT days and the addition of Personal Days (PDs).  PD hours are use it or lose it in the benefit year (Sept. 1-Aug. 30).  The reason for this change was to remove confusion over the reason for such days.  It was incorrectly assumed that PFT days were to be used for physical fitness, when in fact they were days in lieu of compensation.

Officers sworn prior to March 30, 2011 will receive 160 hours of PD beginning Sept. 1, 2015.   Supervisors sworn prior to March 30, 2011 (sworn as a police officer, not time in grade!) will receive 80 hours of PD beginning Sept. 1, 2015.

Officers sworn after March 30, 2011 will receive 120 hours of PD beginning Sept. 1, 2015 and will receive an additional 40 hours of PTO each year for their first five years.  Instead of an accrual of 120 hours per year of PTO for years 1-5, they will now accrue 160 up to year 9.  They will then be on the same accrual rate of all other officers.

Anyone promoting to sergeant prior to the end of this contract (no one in this group will even be eligible to take the promotional exam until the end of 2016) will receive 64 hours of PD hours.  We expect this number to be adjusted in the next contract and anticipate few, if any, to only receive the 64 hours.

Beginning with the next promotional exam, minor changes will occur.  Currently the written test is worth 60 percent and the assessment center is worth 40 percent for all ranks.  The next Sergeant and lieutenant tests will be weighted at 50 percent for the written and 50 percent for the assessment.  The top 250 on the sergeant’s test will be assessed if they choose.  All taking the lieutenant’s test will be assessed if they choose.

The next captain’s test will be weighted at 40 percent for the written test and 60 percent for the assessment.  All taking the captain’s test will be assessed if they choose.  The contract requires an MBA representative to be present to observe the training of the assessors and the grading process.