HPD shines at the 2016 Texas Police Games

Jerry McClain

Several active and retired Houston police officers, including family members, came away with medals after competing recently against others from around Texas and the country at the 2016 Texas Police Games, held June 11-18 in San Angelo.

The games, originally called the Texas Police Olympics until 1996, has been held since 1977 in different locations throughout Texas and draws competitors not only from Texas but from around the nation and other countries.

The competition is open to all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, fire departments and military personnel as well as their family members.

Competitors participated in 36 different events.  After the dust settled and the temperature cooled, HPD officers and family members came away with 41 medals in 10 events.

Shawna Hampton and Madolyn Nasworthy took home two gold medals each in the archery events.  Shawna also recorded the highest score and Madolyn recorded the third highest score of the competition, beating the male competitors.

In billiards Rick Ramos won a gold medal and two bronze medals.  Jordan Greenhaw (Auto Theft) won a gold and silver medal and David Martinez finished with a silver medal.

Resendo Briones took home a gold medal in the duathlon event.

The golf competition took place over the course of several days.  After the last hole was scored retired Officer Russell Biliese won a gold medal and two silver medals.

Traffic Enforcement Officers Benjamin Fletcher, Andrew Rich, Earnest Skinner, Luis Vela and Walter Parker won a combined three gold medals and three bronze medals in the fairly new event motorcycle rodeo.  Walter Parker also added a silver medal in dominoes.

Narcotics Officers Jerry McClain and Kenneth “Opie” Echols competed in the patrol rifle, tactical pistol and three-gun events. They won a combined four gold medals, four silver medals, and one bronze medals.

In racquetball, Rich Kessler (Airport) took home a gold medal and three bronze medals.  Retired Officer Fred Kessler won a bronze medal and retired Officer Bill Bearden won two silver medals.

In the track and field events Marvin Hollan took home two gold medals and Rosendo Brione won two bronze medals in the 5K and 10K runs.

The 2017 Texas Police Games will be held in Dallas and hosted by the Dallas Police Department.