HPD Strongman Chad Crawford finishes Second in national strongman competition

Tom Kennedy

Let’s say it’s a pretty safe bet that Officer Chad Crawford doesn’t often encounter resistance from suspects he encounters on the evening shift at South Central Patrol.


Crawford makes pulling this truck down the road look easy!
Crawford makes pulling this truck down the road look easy!

True, Crawford is “only” six feet tall at 229 pounds but on Aug. 15 in Reno, Nevada, he finished a strong second in the Police, Fire and Military Strongman Contest – a five-event competition to determine the strongest individual among the nation’s police officers, firefighters and military personnel.


Crawford finished second – for the third time since 2012 – by competing in only four of the five events. Due to an ankle injury he sat out the Atlas Stone round and finished second overall anyway.


The national champion was Doug Brownfield, a California sheriff’s officer.


“I can’t take anything away from Doug,” Crawford said. “Doug is a heckuva guy and I don’t want to take anything away from him. I don’t make excuses.”


The competition took place at the Double Diamond Athletic Club in Reno and was chaired by longtime Strong Man promoter Gary Montoya.


Just describing the events makes you tired. And they are:


  • The Truck Pull. Competitors pull a Semi as far as they can. Crawford won the event.
  • 600-Pound Reps. The winner is the strongman who can do the maximum number of reps in 60 seconds. Crawford did seven or eight and finished second.
  • 250-Pound Log. You must lift it from the ground to overhead. Initially, this competition entailed a wooden log but now puts a metal log in use since “wood breaks.” Again, second place.
  • 650-Pound Frame Carry. Competitors must pick up a metal frame loaded with 650 pounds of weights and carry it for distance. The regulation is 180 feet but no competitor completed that distance. Crawford finished second.
  • Atlas Stones. You must pick up a 320-pound stone and lift it over a bar that is 54 inches off the ground, doing the maximum amount of reps in 60 seconds.


Crawford displays great strongman form in this event.
Crawford displays great strongman form in this event.

Crawford did not enter the latter event. “Due to injury I was not able to compete in that event but still was able to finish second,” he said. “I twisted my ankle pretty good in the third event (the Log), went ahead with the frame carry but wasn’t about to risk a more serious injury by lifting that big stone over my head.”


Crawford graduated from Academy Class No. 202 in 2009. He finished second in 2012, missed the 2013 competition and has gone on to finish second – to Brownfield both times – last year and this year.

He was proudly sponsored by the Houston Police Officers Union.