HPOPS Meetings on Benefit Changes

At the HPOU’s request, HPOPS will be holding informational meetings on the benefit changes they have negotiated with the city. See their release below:

Informational Meetings

On Thursday, November 10th, and again on Monday, November 14th, there will be a series of informational meetings at the HPOU Building where you will be able to ask questions regarding benefit changes and get answers directly from Trustees of the HPOPS’ Board. The times are listed below:

November 10th
12 Noon
4 pm
9 pm

November 14th
12 noon

Please be advised that there will be no discussion of the proposed benefit changes in the upcoming Pension Board Committee meetings or the Board of Trustees meeting that will be held on Tuesday, November 8, and Thursday, November 10, respectively.

NOTE: Only uniformed Officers and Officers with HPD Identification will be admitted.

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