HPOU 2018 Endorsements

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH WILL BE A MAJOR OPPORTUNITY FOR HPOU MEMBERS AND THEIR families. We are 5,100-members-strong, a significant voting bloc.

If we turn out to vote for candidates who have proven to be stalwart police/law enforcement supporters, then we will strike a mighty blow for the good guys.

The Houston Police Officers’ Union’s Political Action Committee (PAC) has been busily at work putting together its list of preferred candidates. We will continue to update this list up until November 6th.

We encourage all of our members, friends, family and supporters to Vote Against Prop B, it would lead to police and fire layoffs and have a catastrophic impact on public safety in our community.

Meanwhile, this is the latest HPOU PAC’s list of endorsements.

State Offices

Governor Greg Abbott (R)

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R)

Attorney General Ken Paxton (R)

Justice Jeff Brown (R) Texas Supreme Court

Senator John Whitmire (D), District 15

Senator Joan Huffman (R), District 17

Senator Jose Menendez (D) San Antonio, District 26

Senator Juan Hinojosa (D) McAllen, District 20

Angela Paxton (R) Texas Senate, District 8

State Representative Dan Flynn (R), District 2

Cody Harris (R), District 8

State Representative Greg Bonnen (R), District 24

State Representative Dennis Bonnen (R), District 25

State Representative Rick Miller (R), District 26

State Representative John Zerwas (R), District 28

State Representative Phil King (R), District 61

John Turner (D), District 114

State Representative Linda Koop (R), District 102

Sam Harless (R), State Representative, District 126

State Representative Dan Huberty (R), District 127

State Representative Dennis Paul (R), District 129

State Representative Alma Allen(D), District 131

State Representative Mike Schofield (R), District 132

State Representative Jim Murphy (R), District 133

State Representative Sarah Davis (R), District 134

State Representative Gary Elkins (R), District 135

State Representative Gene Wu (D), District 137

State Representative Jarvis Johnson (D), District 139

State Representative Armando Walle (D), District 140

State Representative Senfronia Thompson (D), District 141

State Representative Harold Dutton (D), District 142

State Representative Ana Hernandez (D), District 143

State Representative Carol Alvarado (D), District 145

State Representative Shawn Thierry (D), District 146

State Representative Garnet Coleman (D), District 147

State Representative Hubert Vo (D), District 149

Judge Maria Jackson (D), Texas Criminal Court of Appeals, Place 1

Judge Michelle Slaughter (R), Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8

Justice Marc Brown (R), 14th Court of Appeals Place 4

Justice Brett Busby (R) 14th Court of Appeals, Place 3

Justice Harvey Brown (R), 1st Court of Appeals Place 6

Terry W. Yates (R), 1st Court of Appeals, Place 7

Justice John Donovan (R) 14th Ct of Appeals Place 8

Justice Jennifer Caughey (R) 1st Court of Appeals, Place 9

Justice Martha Hill Jamison (R) 14th Ct of Appeals Place 5

Justice Jane Bland (R) 1st Ct of Appeals Place 2

County Offices

Commissioner Jack Morman (R), Harris County Pct 2.

Commissioner Jack Cagle (R), Harris County Pct. 4

Chris Daniel (R), Harris County District Clerk

Stan Stanart (R), Harris County Clerk


State District Judgeships

Judge Michael Landrum (R), 113th Civil District Court

Judge Catherine Evans (R), 180th Criminal District Court

Judge Vanessa Velasquez (R), 183rd Criminal District Court

Renee Magee (R), 184th Criminal District Court

Stacey Bond (R), 185th Criminal District Court

Judge Debra Mayfield (R), 190th Civil District Court

Judge Denise Collins (R), 208th Criminal District Court

Judge Michael McSpadden (R) , 209th Criminal District Court

Judge Brad Hart (R), 230th Criminal District Court

Kristin Guiney (R), 232nd Criminal District Court

Judge Wesley Ward (R), 234th Civil District Court

Judge Roy Moore (R), 245th Family District Court

Melanie Flowers (R), 257th Family District Court

Michelle Fraga (R), 295th Civil District Court

Judge James Lombardino (R), 308th Family District Court

Judge Sheri Dean (R), 309th Family District Court

Judge Lisa Millard (R), 310th Family District Court

Judge Alicia York (R), 311th Family District Court

Judge David Farr (R), 312th Family District Court

Judge Glenn Devlin (R), 313th Juvenile District Court

Judge John Phillips (R), 314th Juvenile District Court

Judge Michael Schneider (R), 315th Juvenile District Court

Judge Charley Prine (R) 246th Family Court

Judge John Schmude (R) 247th Family Court

Judge Marc Carter (R) 228th District Court 

Judge Catherine Cabaniss (R) 248th District Court

Tammy Thomas (R), 262nd Criminal District Court

Amy Martin (D) 263rd District Court

Judge Dan Hinde (R) 269th District Court

Judge Angelina Gooden (R), 280th District Court

Judge Sylvia Matthews (R) 281st Civil District Court

Judge Linda Storey (R), Civil Court at Law 3

Sophia Mafrige (R), Civil Court at Law 4

Judge Danilo Lacayo (D) 182nd District Court

John Hawkins (R), 268th Criminal District Court (Fort Bend County) 

Walter Armatys (R), 328th District Court (Fort Bend County)

Justin Gilbert (R), 495th District Court (Brazoria County)

Judge Chad Bridges (R) 240th District Court (Ft Bend)

Judge Kenneth Cannata (R) 458th District Court (Ft Bend)


County Courts at Law Judgeships

Judge Paula Goodhart (R) County Criminal Court at Law 1

Judge Bill Harmon (R) County Criminal Court at Law 2

Judge Natalie Fleming (R) County Criminal Court at Law 3

Judge Johnny Clinton (R) County Criminal Court at Law 4

Xavier Alfaro (R) County Criminal Court at Law 5

Kelley Andrews (D) County Criminal Court at Law 6

Judge Pam Derbyshire (R), County Criminal Court at Law 7

Dan Simons (R), County Criminal Court at Law 8

John Wakefield (R), County Criminal Court at Law 9

Judge Dan Spjut (R) County Criminal Court at Law 10

Aaron Burdette (R), County Criminal Court at Law 11

John Spjut (R) County Criminal Court at Law 12

Judge Mike Fields (R) County Criminal Court at Law 14

Amy Mitchell (R) County Court at Law 4 (Ft Bend County)

Tricia Krenek (R) County Court at Law 3 (Ft Bend County)

Harold Kennedy (R) County Court at Law 5 (Ft Bend County)

Dean Hrbacek (R) County Court at Law 6 (Ft Bend County)

Roger Brigwater (R) County Court at Law 15

James Horwitz (D) Harris County Probate Ct 4

Robin Burgess (D) County Court at Law 4 (Brazoria County)


Justices of the Peace

Judge David Patronella (D) Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1, Place 2

Judge Don Coffee (D), Justice of the Peace Pct 3, Place 2

Judge Laryssa Korduba (R) Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4, Place 2

Jason Dunn (R), Pct 4, Montgomery County


Ft Bend District Attorney

Judge Cliff Vacek (R)


Other Races

Mike Sullivan, Lone Star College Board, District 8