HPOU Board Election Results

The HPOU elections and runoff have concluded and the following are your board members for 2016.

Elected Postions:

President-Ray Hunt
First Vice President- Doug Griffith
Second Vice President- Joseph Gamaldi
Secretary- Will Reiser

Position 1- Kawanski Nichols
Position 2- Ken Nealy
Position 3- Jeff Wagner
Position 4- Robert Breiding
Position 5- David Riggs
Position 6 – David Dedo
Position 7- Don Egdorf
Position 8- Bubba Caldwell
Position 9- Joseph Castaneda
Position 10- Rebecca Dallas
Position 11- Rosalinda Ybanez
Position 12- Tim Whitaker
Position 13- Chad Crawford
Position 14- Robert Sandoval
Position 15- Luis Menendez-Sierra
Position 16- Tom Hayes
Position 17- Bill Booth
Position 18- Terry Seagler
Position 19- John Yencha
Position 20- Colton Peverill

Appointed Positions:

Treasurer- Tim Butler
Parliamentarian- Joslyn Johnson
Sergeant at Arms- Randy Upton
Assistant Secretary- Nancy Jones/ Cole Lester
Executive Director- Mark Clark