HPOU honors Jordan and Flores-Ramirez as Patrol Officers of the Month

Tom Kennedy

Officers S. Jordan and P. Flores-Ramirez had been dispatched to a disturbance with possible weapons, CIT.

While en route to the scene the officers received updated information that the suspect, was armed with a gun.  The officers entered the parking lot of the apartment unit and found their way to building 3.  Once they turned the corner to see the front of building 3, they observed a male standing in the parking lot with a pistol in his hand.

This individual was standing next to a PT Cruiser which matched the info on the initial call slip.

The officers exited the patrol car with the passenger (Jordan) moving to his right taking cover behind a parked car and the driver (Ramirez) initially taking cover behind the open driver door then moving to the rear of the patrol vehicle.

Officer Jordan announced the police presence and told the male to drop the gun.  The male’s response was to fire a round toward the apartment building he was facing.  He appeared to be yelling something to persons outside of one of the apartments.

Once the male noticed the police presence, he shifted his attention to the officers, turned in their direction and started walking toward their position.  The male fired a round at the officers.

Over the next several seconds both officers fired and the male fired again at the officers.  The officers fired a total of nine rounds. Once back-up units arrived, the officers approached the suspect on the ground.  Once at the suspect, the officers moved the pistol away from the male. The male was then treated on the scene and transported to LBJ hospital for treatment.

Both Officers work out of Northeast Patrol and Officer Jordan was training Officer Ramirez at the time of the incident. Officer Jordan’s pistol jammed during the incident and Officer Ramirez was able to engage the suspect while Jordan cleared his pistol and was able to return fire as well.

Officer Jordan was able to attend the May general membership meeting to accept the award. Ramirez was on assignment and not present.