HPOU honors L. C. Carr as Patrol Officer of the Month

Tom Kennedy

Officer L. C. Carr of the Northeast Division went well beyond the call of duty to rescue an abused child and arrest both parents for Child Abandonment.

Sgt. Greyson G. Wilson of Northeast detailed Carr’s nomination. The officer was honored in the HPOU Feb. 4 general membership meeting.

Sgt. Wilson said Carr responded to a Nov. 23 complaint that a four-year-old child was found covered in his own feces in an extremely filthy apartment. A maintenance employee found the child locked in the bathroom adjoining the master bedroom.

The apartment, Wilson said, “was completely filthy. The floor in both the bedroom and bathroom were covered in trash and old food. The smell of human waste and mildew permeated the air inside the dwelling. The floor of the master bedroom was covered in a liquid substance.”

Carr took over the case once the child was in the custody of Childrens Protective Services (CPS). He confronted the parents at CPS and succeeded in getting Child Abandonment charges filed on both of them.

“It is my belief,” Sgt. Wilson said, “given the gravity of the scene, the work involved, the successful apprehension of the parents and the safe removal of the child are deserving of the title ‘Officer of the Month.’ ”