HPOU honors Officer Conley as Patrol Officer of the Month

Tom Kennedy

Officer Jimmy Conley was on patrol when he was dispatched to a loud noise complaint.  The call slip indicated that there was a white vehicle parked in the street playing loud music.

The story of what happened resulted in HPOU presenting Conley with its monthly Patrol Officer of the Month honor in the June general membership meeting.

Officer Conley, son of retired Senior Police Officer Jim Conley, arrived at the location, and encountered the suspect, who was seated inside a parked white vehicle. The officer advised the suspect to turn down his music, as there had been complaints about the volume.  The suspect complied, and the officer drove further down the street to meet with the complainant.

After gathering the complainant’s information, Officer Conley returned to speak again to the suspect so he could be identified.  The officer intended to give the suspect a warning about the loud music complaint so he could be cited if this were to occur again.

The officer got the suspect’s identification and ran him for warrants. The suspect came back clear and the officer went to return the suspect’s ID to him.  As the officer approached the suspect vehicle, he could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside the suspect’s vehicle (the suspect had his driver’s side door partially open).

The officer asked the suspect for consent to search the vehicle, and the suspect refused. The officer advised the suspect to exit the vehicle.

As the suspect got out of his vehicle, he turned away from the officer as if he was about to flee. Officer Conley grabbed the suspect by his shirt and observed the suspect had a pistol in his waistband. The suspect and the officer began to struggle and Officer Conley attempted to wrap his arms around the suspect’s upper body to restrain him.

The suspect spun out of the officer’s grasp and Officer Conley stumbled toward the ground.  At this time, Officer Conley observed the suspect reaching in his waistband for the gun and raising up his arm as if he was removing the weapon. Officer Conley discharged his weapon at the suspect.

The suspect fell to the ground and his gun landed next to him. Officer Conley called for back-up and HFD and then rendered medical aid to the suspect. The suspect was cuffed and found to have a holster on his right hip where the gun had been initially concealed.  Medical personnel arrived and transported the suspect to the hospital.