HPOU honors Officer Dion Gil as Patrol Officer of Month

Tom Kennedy

Officer Dion Gil was working patrol on Feb. 21 when he checked out a report of “a suspicious person/weapon” at an apartment complex on North Wayside on the southeast side.

Gil promptly discovered the suspect male suspect with a pistol standing with two females near a red pickup that had been stolen during an aggravated robbery/aggravated kidnapping. Gil’s flawless reaction enabled him to surprise the suspect and his two companions. He was able to get the three in custody before calling for backup.

The suspect had held a complainant, a male, at gunpoint earlier in the day, forced him to remove cash from an ATM and then made off with his truck.

Once he captured the suspect, Gil searched the stolen truck and found two stolen semi-automatic pistols. “Officer Gil also located gloves, bandanas, five cell phones, three wallets with identification and a set of Range Rover keys inside of the stolen truck,” HPOU’s Luis Menendez-Sierra said in his introduction of Officer Gil.

Gil used the IDs and determined that the owners of the IDs also had been victims earlier in the day. The modus operandi was the same: three masked individuals with guns kidnapped the complainants at gunpoint, forced them to withdraw cash from an ATM and took their vehicles. Gil linked the incidents in his report.

Gil succeeded in getting the suspect charged with four felonies through the District Attorney’s Office and also proceeded to find the stolen Range Rover. He hoped an inspection of this vehicle would result in finding the other two suspects.

Menendez-Sierra said, “Officer Gil displayed an outstanding dedication to the citizens of Houston with his quick response to the scene of this suspicious person/weapon. Officer Gil’s thorough investigation skills and handling of evidence in this incident solidified four felony charges against this extremely violent and dangerous suspect.

“Officer Gil displayed compassion towards the complainants who had been victimized during these traumatic incidents. His quick resolution of these incidents surely comforted the citizens with the recovery of their property and knowledge that one of the suspects had been taken into custody.”