HPOU honors Officers Amesquita and Steward as Officers of the Month for a successful investigation

Tom Kennedy, Editor

The Houston Police Officers Union honored Officers George Amesquita and Daniel Stewart as Patrol Officers of the Month for their work apprehending two robbery suspects.

The two were nominated by Officer Felix Lopez, who commended the officers for performing their duty “through the most trying of circumstances” and for “fearless actions in the face of danger.”

Steward was a rookie in training under Amesquita’s tutelage on July 10 when the two got the call of a robbery scene where their investigation led them to two suspects hiding in a bathroom stall in a nearby Jack in the Box.

The officers arrested both suspects. Lopez said, “Their relentless pursuit to catch the suspects and their dedication to the job and the citizens of Houston are uncanny – something I have seen many officers at Southwest station do many times.”

The two officers’ investigation saw the recovery of the stolen items as well as their dedicated attention to the details that were required in their paperwork. Lopez said much of this work was performed under the hot July sun, yet Amesquita and Steward were never deterred.

HPOU’s Luis Menendez-Sierra presents Patrol Officers of the Month honors to Officers Daniel Stewart and George Amesquita at the December general membership meeting. Officer Amesquita brought along his beautiful daughter. Photo by Gary Hicks