HPOU honors Officers Flores and Tafhurt For their ‘shatter’ work while on patrol

Tom Kennedy

The Houston Police Officers Union honored Westside Officers Xavier Flores and Nicole Tafhurt as Patrol Officers of the Month at the March general membership meeting.

Lt. M. J. Faulhaber described Flores and Tafhurt as “pro-active officers that have identified and addressed a hot spot area along the Interstate 10 corridor that has resulted in several significant narcotics-related arrests and seizures.

Faulhaber said the duo’s work has resulted in the development of relationships with potential informants. The lieutenant described their “exemplary teamwork” with an outstanding example.

It took place in March 2015. “They responded to an assault that had just occurred on Dairy Ashford,” Faulhaber said. “They met with the complainant who later was charged as a suspect. Through an outstanding preliminary investigation at the end of their shift they located the home where the assault occurred and discovered a ‘shatter’ production operations.

“Shatter is made or extracted from marijuana. This operation led to the recovery of 1,042 grams of marijuana, 30 grams of shatter and nine grams of cocaine.

“But more importantly it led to education, since it appears this was the first shatter operation discovered in the Houston/Harris County area and a lot was learned from their outstanding work by the Harris County DA’s office and our Narcotics Division.”