HPOU honors three as Patrol Officers of the Month For helping save the life of HCC officer at Walmart

Tom Kennedy

The night of April 27 there was a stabbing at a Walmart involving off-duty Houston Community College officer April Pikes, who was working an extra job.

A suspect approached Pikes and began stabbing her with a knife a total of 14 times before bystanders were able to subdue this suspect.

HPD Patrol Officer Britney Cerritos heard about the event on the radio and responded immediately to find Officer Pikes bleeding out. Cerritos got her HPD-issued tourniquet and applied it to the injured officer’s arm to stop the bleeding.

HPD Officer Nathan Moore, a military medic, arrived and verified that the tyournequet was correctly utilized and further tightened it down to completely stop the bleeding from the officer’s arm.

Officer Patrick Morrissey assisted in the car of Officer Pikes by placing a chest seal on her wounds, preventing additional loss of blood.

It is very likely that the quick actions from these three officers prevented excessive and possibly fatal blood loss, HPOU President Ray Hunt said in recapping the scenario.

“I was only doing my job,” Officer Cerritos said. “Everyone at the scene did great work.”

A citizen comment posted on the Internet stated, “I am proud of HPD for offering the tourniquet training that saved this officer’s life, and I am especially proud of the experienced officers who used these techniques to save the victim of this attack. Good job to our hard-working police officers! Thank you for serving our community and for keeping us safe every day.”

The HPOU named Officers Brittany Cerritos, Nathan Moore and Patrick Morrissey as the Union’s Patrol Officers of the Month at the May general membership meeting.

Hunt said, “Congratulations to all of you and thanks to all officers and citizens on that scene for your great service!”