HPOU honors Vieira and Serrano as Patrol Officers of the Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor
HPOU’s Luis Menendez-Sierra, left, presents Patrol Officers of the Month honors to Officers Lucas Vieira and Thomas Serrano in the June general membership meeting. Photo by Gary Hicks

The HPOU recognized two Westside officers – Lucas Vieira and Thomas Serrano – for their work that resulted in the apprehension of two men involved in a shootout involving illegal drugs.

Sgt. Earl Attebury said Vieira and Serrano were dispatched to a shooting seen shortly before midnight on Jan. 12 in the 11400 block of Cliffgate. The two suspects, both with lengthy criminal records, were arriving at the residence of a third individual “when they were robbed/ambushed by several suspects, which then led to a subsequent gun battle between all parties involved,” Sgt. Attebury said.

Upon arriving at the scene Vieira and Serrano found a pistol and shell casings and large amounts of blood, apparently from wounds suffered by one of the shooters at the scene. The officers also found large amounts of narcotics “in plain view.”

A short time later, the two suspects were apprehended at Southwest Memorial Hospital, one of them suffering gunshot wounds to the chest. Two felony possession (marijuana and handgun) were filed against the two men. The investigation ultimately involved not only patrol officers but officers from Major Assaults and Narcotics.