HPOU launches statewide Let’s Pray Texas effort, Which will feature statewide Oct.19 prayer service

Tom Kennedy

Continuing its ongoing leadership in statewide policing matters, the Houston Police Officers Union has launched a statewide pray-for-law enforcement officers effort entitled Let’s Pray Texas.

The bedrock of the effort will be an Oct. 19 prayer event on the steps of the State Capitol in Austin.

In the words of HPOU 1st Vice President Doug Griffith, “The recent attacks on law enforcement have taken their toll on the officers as well as the communities in which they serve. This being said, we will all need to come together as one unified voice.”

The Austin event, set for 1 p.m. that day, will feature a citizen praying for law enforcement officers, an officer praying for the community and the clergy praying for the state of Texas and its leadership.

Griffith said HPOU has asked all Texas police unions and associations to join together on Sept. 19 as a day of remembrance and prayer, calling upon all organizations to come together “as a united group to support law enforcement, the community and the leadership of the state.”

He said, “Our vision is one of unification, not only among law enforcement agencies but also within the communities in which we serve.”

In accordance with the plan, HPOU has asked each law enforcement agency across the state to hold a local prayer service at the same time (1 p.m.) to correspond to the service on the State Capitol grounds. The suggested venue is city hall “or your union hall.”

“I am asking that we unify in PRAYER, as one body, to show support for law enforcement and for the communities in which we proudly protect and serve,” Griffith explained. “We hope to have a prayer at the steps at the respective city halls of each city, at the same time as a prayer on the steps of the State Capitol, with representatives from the major police unions, associations and state leaders.

“I encourage each agency to plan a community event leading up to the prayer.  In Houston we will be doing another Pray for Police rally at the Union and handing out the Pray for Police wristbands and bumper stickers.

“We will be asking people to tag photos on social media with the #P4P. Agencies can plan any type of event they want leading up to the prayer, be creative if you like. We understand that there may be instances in which an event leading up to the prayer is not possible.

“The important part of this event is the 1 p.m. statewide prayer!”

This latest Pray for Police exercise will go down as the latest stepped-up attempt by the HPOU to encourage togetherness of police and the community through prayers. The initial undertaking began at the HPOU a few years ago and was immediately endorsed by former President George H. W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara.

Distribution of Pray For Police bracelets reached a phenomenal proportions with citizens from all walks of life, creeds and color demonstrating their support of law enforcement, especially the Houston Police Department.