HPOU members proving to be willing photo subjects in BARC Paws and Patrol partnership

Tom Kennedy, Editor
Officer Sara Vela

Paws and Patrol is part of a pet adoption team that works on an almost daily basis with BARC, which is

dedicated to a live release initiative that has happy endings for animals and their new adoptive owners.

Since the HPOU-sponsored initiative began several months ago the Union has worked to furnish at least one potential owner in Houston Blue to be photographed for BARC’s use on social media. The Badge & Gun has found that the precious animals in these pictures go on to find loving homes.

BARC furnishes sheltering and provides veterinary care to all animals brought to the shelter at 3300 Carr St. off the Eastex Freeway.

This city organization works diligently to place all animals in its charge in new homes, collaborating and coordinating with Houston Pet Rescue groups and especially through social media networks.

Paws and Patrol is doing its part to follow BARC’s goal “to cast the widest possible adoption net…and to provide intensive neo

Sgt. Carrie Farquhar

-natal and adult pet fostering programs.”

Please find herewith photos of some HPD officers and sergeants who were recent subjects of adopt-a-pet “photo ops.”

The answer to the obvious question is YES, some of these officers ended up with their own “take-home” dog.