HPOU PAC: Ethics Commission

The PAC will, on behalf of the HPOU, endorse candidates in elections which it determines to be strategically and politically beneficial. The elections in which the committee may choose to participate include, but are not limited to: local (mayor, controller, council), judicial, state races (Texas House of Representatives, State Senate, governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, comptroller), and other local office holders.

The PAC will not endorse in federal elections.

The PAC will endorse candidates without regard to political party affiliation. The PAC will also act independently of any group with which the HPOU is affiliated. No individual may make an endorsement of any candidate on behalf of the HPOU or its PAC.

The PAC Treasurer is required to file monthly reports with the Texas Ethics Commission. Any member of PAC who wants to know where PAC money is being spent or the deposits made can visit this link monthly: