HPOU PAC has a District Attorney two-fer: Endorsement of Republican Huffman and Democrat Overstreet

Editorial Staff

THE HPOU PAC HAS ITS PRIORITIES IN THE MARCH 3 PRIMARY ON both the Democratic and Republican sides of the ballot. Endorsing two candidates for Harry County district attorney in two different political party primaries represents a dramatic departure from HPOU PAC tradition.

The PAC has strong reasoning behind this new practice. The incumbent DA, Kim Ogg, has undermined HPD and the basic job of its officers by freeing too many repeat offenders – many who have committed more than one violent crime – with a low bond or no bond at all. The PAC believes that Ogg is setting a pace to become known as the most unprofessional, easy-on-crime DA in Harris County history.

The PAC endorses former assistant DA Todd Overstreet in the Democratic primary and HPOU Legal’s own Mary Nan Huffman in the Republican primary.

Overstreet, currently a defense attorney, well knows his way around the courthouse and well recognizes the need for more experience and professionalism in the office that is charged with working hand in glove with law enforcement officers from dozens of other agencies besides HPD. Former prosecutor Overstreet stands head and shoulders above the other candidates in the primary, especially the incumbent, Ms. Ogg.

In the Republican primary, Huffman, a member of the Union’s vaunted Legal Department, by far is the best choice for voters. Mary Nan came to us last year and became an ever-ready stalwart for our membership. She is known by the company she has kept and it is indeed awesome company. She was a prosecutor under yet another HPOU Legal favorite, Brett Ligon, the district attorney of Montgomery County. As a nationally recognized prosecutor in the field of child sex crimes, Mary Nan came highly recommended by Ligon when her family’s move to Houston made her available to HPOU members.

There are two more notable candidates in the upcoming primary that HPOU is focused on. In the Republican Primary, we recommend Brenda Stardig, an ever-reliable HPOU supporter on the Houston City Council for most of the last decade. Term-limited, Brenda now seeks to become the new commissioner of county Precinct 3, which consists primarily of West Houston. Stardig faces other challengers for the open seat, none of whom has represented a constituency as vast as City Council District A.

Stardig will be a law enforcement watch dog as she has exhibited during her very effective and thoughtful political career. That’s not the only political acumen she possesses. She also has served as a successful advocate for better flood control measures in Houston and all over Harris County. She will use that expertise in what we hope will be her new job.

In the Democratic Primary, we recommend Maria T. Jackson for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 1. Formerly a City of Houston municipal court judge and a Harris County criminal court judge, Judge Jackson has been a strong advocate for victims and law enforcement her entire career.

Jackson will bring the highest integrity to that seat and will be a commissioner for all of Precinct 1. She voluntarily gave up her position as district court judge because she recognized the leadership lacking in this position.

So, remember to cast your ballots for these four candidates in the March 3 primary:

  • Republican District Attorney – Mary Nan Huffman
  • Democratic District Attorney – Todd Overstreet
  • Republican Precinct 3 Commissioner – Brenda Stardig
  • Democratic Precinct 1 Commissioner – Maria T. Jackson

And please consider this a reminder that a full list of the HPOU PAC endorsements will be available at HPOU.org prior to early voting which begins on Feb. 18.