The HPOU Governmental Relations Division coordinates the union’s mission with issues associated with our bargaining contract, working conditions, and legislative or regulatory matters at the local and state level.

Since our union successfully petitioned for, and passed, state civil service law coverage for all classified HPD officers, we have remained a major player in the local and state political process.

HPOU understands that all aspects of a Houston police officer’s career, from hiring to retirement, are controlled by elected officials at the local and state level. Therefore, our union has remained committed to excellent governmental relation services for all Houston police officers.

HPOU successfully lobbied the Texas Legislature to enact laws that established:

  • State Civil Service Law for Texas Police and Firefighters
  • The Houston Police Officers’ Pension System
  • Independent third-party hearing examiners for disciplinary appeals
  • Bill of Rights and Grievance procedure for HPD officers
  • Protections for police officers’ permanent personnel file and photos
  • State-protected anti-residency requirements
  • $250,000 line-of-duty death benefit for all Texas law enforcement officers
  • Banned reserve officers from working police extra jobs
  • Guaranteed health care benefits and costs for retired officers
  • Sole and Exclusive bargaining rights through meet and confer

The Governmental Relations Division also has a separate Political Action Committee that is comprised of members who voluntarily contribute financial support to this vital fund each month. The PAC meets regularly with candidates running for local and state office to discuss the needs of working police officers and their families.