HPOU Patrol Officer of the Month honor presented to Officer Nathaniel Alvarado

Editorial Staff
HPOU President Joe Gamaldi presents HPOU Officer of the Month honor to Officer Nathaniel Alvarado at September general membership meeting. Photo by Gary Hicks

The Houston Police Officers’ Union presented Officer Nathaniel Alvarado with Patrol Officer of the Month honors in the September general membership meeting.

On March 19 Officer Alvarado was dispatched to a shooting in progress in the 3400 block of Hardy, the location of the Houston Can Academy, a charter school that helps high-risk students. The officer was accompanied by a rookie in Phase 1 training, J. Joichin.

The suspect had discharged a semi-automatic weapon several times on school premises. Alvarado learned, in what became a media event, that the shooter had a love interest at the school and that he intended to shoot her brother. The brother didn’t approve of the relationship since the suspect was an adult and his sister a minor.

Alvarado and the rookie under his tutelage undertook a detailed investigation that included talking to witnesses, reviewing videotapes and gathering evidence. The officer took charge of going to the district attorney to get a warrant for his arrest.

HPOU President Joe Gamaldi said, “Days later, the suspect was arrested and is currently held on no bond. In this investigation, it was also revealed that the suspect was planning to murder a co-conspirator that involved a recent robbery that the suspect was involved in.

“Officer Alvarado used an opportunity to train his rookie during Phase 1 week 2 to help solve a serious crime and took the initiative to see the investigation through.”

Alvarado was nominated by Sgt. Michael Donato of Central Patrol.