Investigator of the Month Honors Officer Moises Zamora

Tom Kennedy

The Houston Police Officers Union presented Officer Moises Zamora with its Investigator of the Month honor in the October general membership meeting.

Here is the Zamora story.

In August of this year Officer Zamora, working in an undercover capacity, was telephonically introduced to a Mexico­-based drug cartel member who was looking for U.S.-based customers desiring to purchase kilogram amounts of crystal methamphetamine, particularly in the Houston area.

Officer Zamora posed as a U.S.-based drug trafficker and after several weeks of negotiations was able to set up a drug deal in Houston to purchase six kilograms of crystal methamphetamine.  Zamora was then put in contact with the Houston-based drug cartel member who would be delivering the drugs to him.

After several conversations with this drug cartel member, Zamora was able to develop enough intelligence to identify this target and his / her residence.  On the day that the drug deal was to take place, Zamora and members of his group established fixed surveillance on the residence of the target.  The target was later observed leaving the residence and rolling surveillance was then established on the target vehicle.

Zamora made phone contact with the target during the rolling surveillance and was advised that he / she was en route to pick up the drugs.  This was a key piece of intelligence in this investigation because the target was observed on the phone at the same time this phone call took place, which indicated that the surveillance was on the right target.

The target vehicle was followed to a remote location in Montgomery County.  The target left this location and telephoned Zamora to tell him that he / she was en route to deliver the drugs to him at the pre-arranged location.

Zamora then arranged for a marked unit to conduct a traffic stop on the target vehicle before reaching the meeting location. The traffic stop resulted in the discovery of six kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and the arrest of the target.

Zamora then made the scene of the traffic stop and debriefed the target who agreed to cooperate with him. The officer and members of his group then went to the stash location in Montgomery County and uncovered a methamphetamine conversion laboratory.

Zamora and members of his group seized and additional 32 kilograms of powder methamphetamine that were going to be converted into crystal methamphetamine, an additional 13 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine. They also found one loaded semiautomatic pistol.

Officer Zamora notes that the results in this case were made possible because of the dedication of his entire group.  This case is being prosecuted by the USAO SDTX.