HPOU recognizes non-stop investigative diligence Of Officer Kollen Himes in sexual predator case

Tom Kennedy

The non-stop diligence of Officer Kollean Himes took a sexual predator off the Houston streets, prompting the HPOU to name Himes the Investigator of the Month at the Union’s December general membership meeting.

Sgt. Jessica Alvarez presented the honor and underscored Himes’ diligence when she was assigned to investigate a suspect who worked as a direct care staff supervisor of an emergency shelter operated by the Department of Family and Protective Services and dealt with child victims in what was supposedly a shelter.

“The suspect sexually abused a 15-year0old boy when the complainant was 12 and 14 years old,” Sgt. Alvarez said. “Officer Himes worked diligent to develop leads and obatain statements from complainants who were reluctant to cooperate.”

The officer interviewed the suspect, who denied the allegations but agreed to take a polygraph.

“Officer Himes provided a very detailed and thorough offense report to the polygraph examiner,” Alvarez explained. “The polygraph examiner indicated in an email to Officer Himes’ supervisor that he had never read a better offense report prior to administering an exam in the 10 years that he had worked as a polygraph examiner.”

The suspect failed the test, confessed and now faces charges of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.

“In addition,” the sergeant said, “the suspect wrote a handwritten letter of apology to the victim. Officer Himes worked this case non-stop from the time she was assigned the investigation until the moment she charged the suspect.

“Her dedication to this investigation ensured a future sex offender was not placed back in a shelter where he had access to so many troubled children.”