HPOU recognizes Officer Delinda Mayes for her work That led to sexual assault charges against Ben Taub doctor

Tom Kennedy

Many of us have seen TV and newspaper reports about the doctor charged with raping a patient in Ben Taub General Hospital.

Now you can read about the HPD investigative officer who put the case together that resulted in charges being filed against this individual.

That officer, Delinda Mayes, was recognized as the HPOU Investigator of the Month at the November general membership meeting.

The details of Mayes’ efforts were presented by Lt. Jalinda Gunther of Adult Sex Crimes.

Gunther said that on Nov. 2, 2013 the victim reported that she was sexually assaulted while she was in a sedated state when a male wearing a doctor’s coat entered her room and disconnected the nurse call button.

Once she reported the incident, a sexual assault examination was performed to collect crucial evidence. Mayes got the case and spent two years getting the evidence needed to file sexual assault charges against Dr. Shafeeq Sheikh, who was a member of the woman’s Rapid Response team.

Mayes’ evidence from both Ben Taub and the Baylor College of Medicine, included video surveillance and scan card records as well as personnel records. DNA evidence showed results different from the complainant’s DNA, but initial efforts to get a sample from Dr. Sheikh proved difficult when he lawyered up.

“Officer Mayes was then forced to obtain a search warrant for Dr. Sheikh to provide a buccal swab so that his DNA could be compared with the foreign DNA found in the complainant’s sexual assault kit.

“Once the buccal swab was obtained, it was sent to the Houston Forensic Science Center for comparison. Lab reports concluded that Dr. Sheikh could not be excluded as a contributor to the DNA found in the kit.”

That’s when the charges were filed against the doctor.

Lt. Gunther said, “The efforts of Officer Mayes should be commended for the countless hours of hard work and dedication she devoted to seeking justice for this complainant. Her careful and methodical examination of a huge amount of physical evidence made this arrest possible.

“Officer Mayes makes a positive daily impact on the Special Victims Division and her hard work is very much recognized and appreciated.”