HPOU recognizes Officer Sam Eyre As Patrol Officer of the Month

Tom Kennedy

The Houston Police Officers Union honored Officer Sam Eyre as its Patrol Officer of the Month in the November general membership meeting.

Sgt. Anthony Herrera nominated the North Patrol Shift III officer for the actions he took to save a woman from suicide.

Late in the evening of July 31, Eyre was dispatched to a suicide in progress at the intersection of Highway 290 and Magnum on the northwest side. He found a woman straddling the concrete barrier face down with her left arm and leg dangling over the concret barrier on the freeway overpass.

“Officer Eyre observed the complainant to be sobbing heavily,” Herrera said in his nomination form. “The complainant began screaming at Officer Eyre that she was going to jump and that she wanted to kill herself.”

Eyre reacted immediately by driving his shop up onto the freeway “in order to make contact with the complainant.” He got out of his patrol car and attempted to establish a verbal rapport “while simultaneously approaching” the woman slowly on foot. She began yelling at the officer to stay away.

Eyre observed that the woman was trying to shift her body across the concrete barrier “in an effort to force herself over the barrier and fall from the overpass onto the U. S. 290 service road.”

Herrera said, “Officer Eyre quickly lunged himself at the complainant, grabbed onto the complainant’s shirt with his hands.” He leaned over the concrete barrier, grabbed the woman by her shorts and was able to safely pull her back onto the shoulder of the highway.

The woman was then transported to the Neuropsychiatric Center for additional treatment.

Officer Eyre was recognized for a life-saving job well done. He received a standing ovation from the several hundred HPOU present at the meeting.