Investigator of the Month honor presented to undercover Narcotics Officer Delacerta

The September HPOU Investigator of the Month honor went to Officer Delacerda in the Sept. 3 general membership meeting, the award presented by Narcotics Sgt. Mark Newcomb.

Delacerta, a member of Academy Class No. 189, has been assigned to Narcotics for about two years, establishing himself in what Newcomb called “an excellent undercover officer, conducting large-scale investigations leading to significant seizures of narcotics. The officer is known for using confidential information to make significant arrests.

During one investigation the officer used a confidential informant to targer mid-level suppliers of crystal meth, the investigation leading to a narcotics search warrant and the seizure of 46 ounces of meth/ice, $75,122 in cash, two firearms and the seizure of one vehicle.

“One suspect was charged with PCS/WID and Felon in Possession of a Firearm,” Sgt. Newcomb said in his paperwork documenting Delacerta’s work. “This particular suspect was a large-scale supplier of narcotics in the northern portion of Houston.”

This case was not the only example of the undercover officer’s excellence.

In a second investigation he used his own initiative “to develop an alternative method of catching drug dealers,” Newcomb explained. He created a fake listing on Craig’s List stating that he was from out of town and wanted to party in Houston, wanting to buy drugs.

“One suspect contacted Officer Delacerta and stated he could supply him some meth,” Newcomb said. “The suspect was from out of town and had set up his business in a motel room on Highway 290. Officer Delacerta contacted the suspect and arranged for a drug transaction.

“The suspect was arrested after a brief chase and was found to be in possession of approximately two ounces of meth. The suspect eventually have information which led to the arrest of a second drug supplier in the 290 area.”

The sergeant recounted Delacerta’s arrest and seizure record over the past year, saying the officer has been personally responsible for the seizure of 2,107 grams of meth, $81,000 in cash, 70 suspects arrested and 89 felony charges.

“Officer Delacerta has shown initiative and leadership during his relatively short tenure in the Narcotics Division and I feel he is worthy of the Investigator of the Month Award,” Sgt. Newcomb said.