Investigator of the Month who thwarted burglary ring described by Gamaldi as resembling Wyatt Earp in presence, achievements

Editorial Staff
Investigator of the Month Greg Shelton, aka “Wyatt Earp,” with HPOU President Joe Gamaldi. Photo by Gary Hicks

You might say Officer Greg Shelton knew how to use a Nintendo game to solve at least four burglaries and result in the recovery of 12 stolen firearms.

The Union recognized Shelton as the Investigator of the Month in its March general membership meeting.

Indeed, HPOU President Joe Gamaldi had some good-natured fun by suggesting Shelton resembled famed historic lawman Wyatt Earp due to his appearance as a no-nonsense law officer, not to mention his success as an investigator.

This episode all began with the Nintendo game unit being found by Shelton at a pawn shop after it was taken in a burglary in the 9400 block of Evergreen last November. Shelton determined the identity of the individual who had pawned the outfit and traced the man’s previous pawns at the same shop.

His questioning determined that yet another man was involved in the actual burglary. That second suspect confessed to Shelton and identified others involved in this burglary and three others. The suspect led the officer to the location of a stolen firearm and “also provided the name of the suspect who masterminded the entire plan. Officer Shelton was informed that all the stolen property taken in the four burglaries was stashed at 9437 Everglade Dr.”

With the details the investigator learned that the mastermind and his grandfather had hidden the stolen property, including some of the guns, at this property. Shelton got a search warrant, which was executed with members of Northeast CST and ILU. It was aimed at locating the firearms.

As a result, the officers located 11 firearms and a large amount of ammunition.

In total, Shelton’s investigation netted the following charges filed with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office:

Charging of engaging in organized crime on all the adult suspects

Possession of a prohibitive weapon (a sawed-off shotgun, the 12th gun recovered) against the grandfather of the mastermind.

Burglary of a habitation against the juvenile suspect.

All suspects were arrested on a total of six charges.

“Due to Officer Shelton’s diligent and detailed investigation a total of 12 guns were taken off the streets and a burglary ring was able to be broken up,” the commendation said.