August 2019

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Chiropractic treatment offers nonsurgical relief for lower back and neck pain

Kelsey Seybold

Local law enforcement is a demanding job and active-duty police officers are subject to low back pain, which may respond well to chiropractic treatment Chiropractors, who are experts at treating lower back and neck pain, can help provide relief for many of the back and neck issues that are common in law enforcement. “Depending on Read More Read more

The Unlikely Adventures of Officer Hankimer B. Mergatroyd: Hank and Bob Go To The Circus

David Cole, HPD Retired

Hank Mergatroyd drove his faded red 1985 Dodge Ram Charger into the Almeda Mall parking lot and headed for what looked like a carnival set up on the south side with rides, game booths and food vendor shacks. In the middle of the carnival stood an enormous circus tent over which hung a 20-foot long Read More Read more

Obituaries of HPD Family Members

Editorial Staff

ALLEN Retired Sergeant Waymon O. Allen, Jr. passed away on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, at the age of 67. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn M. Allen. He joined the Houston Police Department on November 11, 1974, Academy Class No. 67. During his career with the department, he was assigned to the Northeast, Air Read More Read more

The tragic shooting deaths of Houston officer Isaac Parsons and Harris County deputy Arthur Taylor

Nelson Zoch, Contributor

EOW: May 24, 1914 In the afternoon hours of Saturday, May 23, 1914, there was a great deal of difficulty involving one suspect in the near fifth ward area. An unknown male had been terrorizing the neighborhood and on several occasions, shots had been fired by this suspect. At one point in the afternoon, Police Read More Read more

With gratitude, from our members…

Editorial Staff

The family of Lee Hoffman acknowledges with deep appreciation your kind expression of sympathy. Thank you for the beautiful Ivy Hanging Basket. Lee would have loved it because he loved plants. Veronica Houston Police Officer’s Union, We cannot express how much we appreciate everything you did to honor Randy. The plant is beautiful but the Read More Read more

It’s about time! HPD’s pioneering Chicano Squad receives special recognition on its 40th anniversary

Tom Kennedy, Editor

If we’re not careful the public will fail to recognize the pioneering policing concepts offered up by the Houston Police Department this year and in the many years past. One profound example is the Chicano Squad, which may have been in danger of being forgotten, given the changes in crime trends and community attitudes we Read More Read more

HPD Hispanic History: Early days saw the city using height requirement to limit number of Hispanics in the department

Tom Kennedy, Editor

Editor’s Note: The celebration of the 40th anniversary of the HPD Chicano Squad brings to mind the early history of Hispanics in HPD. The following was selected from Houston Blue, the history of HPD by Tom Kennedy and Mitchel Roth, to recount earlier days that limited Hispanic police recruiting in Houston. In the year 1950 Read More Read more

Beauty, brains and doggie breath: see BARC’S latest dogs up for adoption!

Heidi Hlavinka, Managing Editor

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What’s A Cop To Do?

Barbara A. Schwartz

The populace, press, and politicians cry foul when an officer uses necessary or reasonable or justifiable force. What should an officer do when a subject fails to comply with lawful orders or evades because they don’t want to go to jail? Should the officer say: “Oh, you don’t want to go to jail today. That’s Read More Read more

City Council to recognize 40th anniversary of HPD Chicano Squad formed in 1979

Tom Kennedy, Editor

The Houston City Council will honor the original members of the HPD Chicano Squad at its Aug. 20 meeting with a proclamation in the presence of five of the six original members of the squad in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the formation of the special squad. The original “Squad 1” was led by Read More Read more

Five-digit badges: How an HPD rookie went from No. 1 to No. 10000

Tom Kennedy, Editor

Rookie HPD Officer Rooel Gonzalez went from No. 1 to 10000 in nothing flat. The end of this slick numbers story ends over his heart where his Houston police badge was pinned at the graduation ceremony for HPD Academy Class No. 238. The milestone represented by Gonzalez becoming the first in his family to choose Read More Read more

HPD History: Chicano Squad pioneered crime-fighting concept that the department has built upon for 40 years now

Tom Kennedy, Editor

Forty years ago marked a transitional year in the history of policing in Houston, Texas. More and more police reports were being filed but the cases were going unsolved because of a language barrier. “During the 70s there was distrust with Houston’s Hispanic community and the Houston Police Department,” retired HPD Sgt. Cecil Mosqueda told Read More Read more

2019 Board Elections

Editorial Staff

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An opioid update: Some good news but the fight continues

Dr. Lisa Garmezy

Naloxone, the drug that reverses opioid overdoses, can be had at CVS for $89 without insurance or $50 with it. Because a physician somewhere approves its use, no prescription is needed. Given that the opioid crisis is so widespread, killing a staggering 130 people per day in the United States, some readers may want to Read More Read more