February 2017

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New chief’s enthusiasm rises with every Houston policing issue, Even those voiced by officers ‘drinking from the rumor hose’

Tom Kennedy

Art Acevedo, HPD’s new chief, accentuates two personality traits and seems eager to convince the troops they represent an altogether fitting leadership approach. In a recent visit by the Badge & Gun, the chief exhibited the enthusiasm of a head cheerleader and the authority of a star quarterback. He was up front about all the Read More Read more

New Johnny Bamsch Memorial ceremony set for Jan. 30

Tom Kennedy

On Monday, Jan. 30 – 42 years to the day Officer Johnny Terrell Bamsch, 27, died in the line of duty – a special memorial will be rededicated to his memory at the North Patrol substation at 9455 West Montgomery. The ceremony will start at 10 a.m. with Bamsch’s family members expected to attend. The Read More Read more

Officer Gomez and his family receive another blessing: An expedited taxidermy job involving ‘dream hunt’ trophies

Tom Kennedy

The law enforcement family extends outside Houston and to the far reaches of Texas. Those men and women with badges and guns – who protect the people 24 hours every day – stick together when the sticking gets tough. We have a story that best illustrates this point. Officer Jorge Gomez and his son Clint Read More Read more

An Open Letter to HPOU Members from Mayor Sylvester Turner

Mayor Sylvester Turner

I know 2016 was a difficult year for City employees.  In the first half of the year there was worry about the budget and the possible loss of jobs.  Then there was the uncertainty about the future of employee pensions.  We balanced the budget in record time and we now have a pension plan proposal Read More Read more

Chief Munden climbed the HPD administrative ladder, Never forgetting needs of cops on the Houston streets

Tom Kennedy

For the record, Kirk Munden, who had retired several years ago as one of HPD’s executive assistant chiefs, will go down as an administrator who never forgot who he was and where he came from. He was a patrol officer from the streets of Houston. Plenty of testimony exists to provide every-day examples. Few people Read More Read more

Mark Clark’s tribute to Kirk Munden

Mark Clark

On Thursday, Dec. 1, in the late afternoon, I received word, like many others, that retired HPD Executive Assistant Chief Kirk Munden had suffered a critical head injury in his home earlier in the day.  The very first reports were shocking as it related to the severity of his injury. Over the next few days, Read More Read more

HPOU honors Carmona and Calabro as Investigators of the Month

Tom Kennedy

The HPOU honored Officers Alex Carmona and Carol Calabro as Investigators of the Month in the December general membership meeting. Here’s why: Throughout the months of August and September, a series of Aggravated Robberies were committed on the north side of Houston by a suspect posing as a police officer. Carmona and Calabro handled each Read More Read more

Union honors Patrol Officers Sweet and Schlottmann

Tom Kennedy

On May 28, Officers J. Sweet and D. Schlottmann were assigned to IAH in Terminal C. Both officers were inside the HPD Terminal C checkpoint box, located at 3500 N. Terminal Rd. At 1949 hours, the manager of “The Local” (restaurant) frantically approached the officers to inform them that an elderly male was on the Read More Read more

If you don’t already know the HPD ‘secret,’ Wagner’s running for mayor of Pasadena

Tom Kennedy

If the Jeff Wagner secret hadn’t made it past the proverbial water cooler, it’s out there now in the broad open daylight of Rumorville. Wagner, a 33-year senior police officer, has been knocking on an endless number of doors and talking to every solid citizen he can find – not for any ticket-writing or follow-up Read More Read more

Earl Musick: HPD’s Family of History

Earl Musick

In May of 1979, American country music artist Hank Williams Jr. released a hit song Family Tradition. While listening to the song, I started thinking about some police officers in the Houston Police Department and their family traditions. Retired police officer Jeannine Maughmer Miller, third generation HPD, immediately came to mind. Jeannine is married to Read More Read more

Psych Services: Personal trauma: If you see something, say something

Lisa Garmezy

Maybe it’s anxiety, maybe it’s depression, or maybe it’s both. Maybe yours is a unique brand of misery that defies categorization. If you need mental health help but have hesitated, please reconsider. Nationally, the fear of rejection, discrimination or failure keeps people out of mental health treatment and causes those who do go to drop Read More Read more

Fallen Heroes: Officer Keith Alan Dees

Nelson Zoch

March 7, 2002 Keith Alan Dees was born in Saudi Arabia in a United States Air Force Hospital on October 19, 1956.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Harlon Dees, were in that country while his father was serving in the military at the time.  He received his early education at Anderson  Elementary School in Read More Read more

A busy schedule bothers Tex the calf, doesn’t prepare him for new surprises

Matt Adams

Editor’s Note: Matt Adams successfully scrambled last year and took away the calf sponsored by the Texas Police Trust. Matt is supplying the Badge & Gun updates on his adventures with “Tex.” Howdy y’all! I hope that everyone is staying warm during this cold weather! I hope you enjoy reading about Tex and me during Read More Read more

The Risks of Steroid Use Outweigh the Benefits

Kelsey Seybold Staff

 As an officer, you’re often reminded that being in good physical shape is necessary and makes your job easier. Sometimes this push for health is stressful and the desire to reach new physical heights can lead people to steroids. While steroids may increase muscle strength, there are serious health risks associated with their use. In Read More Read more

Obituaries of HPD Family Members

Tom Kennedy

BETHUNE Retired Sergeant Wayne E. Bethune passed away on Monday, November 28, 2016, at the age of 68. He joined the Houston Police Department on November 11, 1974, Academy Class No. 67. During his career with the Houston Police Department, he was assigned to the Central Division, South Central Division, Jail Division, and Northeast Division, Read More Read more

Thank You Notes to the HPOU

Tom Kennedy

  Dear Houston Police Officers Union, Thank you for supporting the Texas African American History Memorial. We are glad Freddie Frazier was able to reach out and bring the police groups together to commemorate this important day in Texas history. If we can be of service, please call. Sincerely, Jennifer Pascal   To all at Read More Read more

Department’s retirement numbers on the increase Due to key term in the new year – Recalculation

Tom Kennedy

With an unusual number of retirements scheduled to take effect in the new year, the Union prefers to concentrate on additional instead of subtraction when the key manpower number emerges. Today, the most-oft-quoted number in a numbers game that features the historically undermanned Houston Police Department is 350 – the probable number of new cadets Read More Read more

January Gaddis pistol representation was a dramatic moment

Tom Kennedy

HPOU’S JANUARY GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING had a number of highlights but none like the special presentation involving the surviving mother and daughter of HPD Officer Guy Gaddis, wantonly murdered in 1994 by Edgar Tamayo. Tamayo was sentenced to death by injection but resided about 20 years on Death Row before his execution on Jan. 22, Read More Read more