January/February 2016

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Editorial: HPOU PAC scores well – especially with Turner’s election!

THE HPOU POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE CAME REAL close to batting 1.000 in its Houston city election endorsements but misfired in only two races, one at-large and one at the council district level. In reality, the major runoff election day achievement was Union support in the election of Houston’s next mayor, Sylvester Turner, the veteran state Read More Read more

Memorial to Officer Johnny Bamsch to be rededicated hopefully by Jan. 30 – the anniversary of his death on duty

Tom Kennedy

Neither demolition nor Mother Nature can keep HPD from remembering those in its ranks who gave the ultimate while protecting the citizens of Houston. Officer Johnny Terrell Bamsch, 27, ranks high in the category of those who gave their lives in the line of duty. Bamsch, a veteran of two and a half years with Read More Read more

The Bamsch family looking forward to rededication of memorial to their husband, father and grandfather

Tom Kennedy

Cindy Bamsch, wife of Officer Johnny T. Bamsch, is a retired teacher and Girl Scout leader for her granddaughter’s troop. She remains a steadfast friend and supporter of all Houston police officers and was gracious and appreciative about the plan to plant a new Live Oak in memory of her husband. “All of our family Read More Read more

HPD’s Homeless Outreach Team recognized as outstanding example of community policing and trainers of other PDs

Tom Kennedy

HPD’s innovative and trend-setting Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) continues to take a national leadership role in the policing practices used to deal with a growing number of homeless people on the streets. Set to start the New Year by scheduling training sessions for officers from both NYPD and LAPD, the team is aglow from its Read More Read more

HPD History: The Lone Ranger finds truth and justice in Houston, thanks to two detectives operating with speed of light

Earl Musick

“On a mighty horse with the speed of light in a cloud of dust and a hardy Hi-Yo-Silver came a champion of justice, the Lone Ranger!” As a child I watched Clayton Moore portray the Lone Ranger on television and at the movies. He became synonymous with the character he played and for many years Read More Read more

Union recognizes officers Derry, Salazar and Perez For their work in tracking down and arresting suspects

Tom Kennedy

Union recognizes officers Derry, Salazar and Perez For their work in tracking down and arresting suspects   The HPOU recognized Officers Thomas Derry, Manny Salazar and Rick Perez as the Patrol Officers of the Month in the December general membership meeting. The awards were presented by HPOU’s Luis Menendez-Sierra. Sgt. J. C. Perales nominated the three, Read More Read more

This year’s HPOU Scholarship topic addresses perception of law enforcement on social media

Tom Kennedy

The topic of this year’s HPOU Scholarship essay gets right down to opinions and trends involving a growing institution, social media and its effect on law enforcement. Officially, the essay question is: Do you feel the perceptions of law enforcement have been helped or hindered by the advent of social media? Choose a position and Read More Read more

Notice: HPOU needs YOU for Jan. 26 Pray For Police prayer service at City Hall

Tom Kennedy

HPOU has set up a prayer rally for Jan. 26 from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. designed to call further attention to the ongoing PRAY FOR POLICE wrist band crusade throughout Houston and the rest of the nation. “We want as many officers as possible – each of them in uniform – to walk over Read More Read more

HPD History: Throughout history no HPD Officer has cast a larger shadow than Tiny Romund, gentle giant to kids, intimidator to thugs

Tom Kennedy

Most of the kids who grew up in the Garden Oaks area on the Northside never wanted to get into serious trouble beyond the typical innocent mischief of the 1950s. Well, let’s take that back. Because of the seemingly constant presence of one giant of a Houston cop they avoided any action that might provoke Read More Read more

Fallen Heroes: Officer Weiss, father of two, shot to Death By a Known Drunk having a Bad Police Day

Nelson Zoch

July 30, 1901 In the summer of 1901, there resided in Houston two brothers from Powder Springs, Georgia. These two young men were cocky, confident and seemingly of means beyond appearance. They were J. T. Vaughn and his brother Newt. Their apartment/business was at 1113½ Congress Avenue between Fannin and San Jacinto. It was common Read More Read more

Psych Services: Why isn’t my child doing well in school?


If you or your child are dreading the next report card, chances are there has been a pattern of underachievement.   Let’s explore some of the more common reasons your child might not be doing well in school: Hearing/Vision Deficits – One reason for underachievement may simply be that the child is not able to see Read More Read more

January Obituaries of HPD Family Members

Tom Kennedy

ALBRECHT Retired Police Officer Clarence Adolph Albrecht, 90, passed away on Saturday, November 28, 2015.  He joined Police Academy Class No. 5 on September 25, 1950.  He was last assigned to the Special Operations Division and retired on January 27, 1982.  He was a veteran of the United States Navy.  Officer Albrecht was preceded in Read More Read more

Thank You Notes to the HPOU

Tom Kennedy

HPOU Board, Thank you for the card and plant basket and the expression of sympathy. I’m proud to be part of such a caring organization. Brian and Norma Kellser HPOU, We are writing to express our deepest thanks for allowing the Houston LEO Family Support Unit the use of your facilities for the HPD Family Read More Read more