January Gaddis pistol representation was a dramatic moment

Tom Kennedy

HPOU’S JANUARY GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING had a number of highlights but none like the special presentation involving the surviving mother and daughter of HPD Officer Guy Gaddis, wantonly murdered in 1994 by Edgar Tamayo.

Tamayo was sentenced to death by injection but resided about 20 years on Death Row before his execution on Jan. 22, 2014. Yet there remained some loose ends in the minds of the Gaddis family, including his mother Gayle, wife Rosa and daughter Stephanie. Rose was pregnant with Stephanie at the time their husband and father was killed.

The family wanted repossession of Officer Gaddis’ service pistol, which had been in the evidence files of the district court where a jury gave Tamayo the death penalty. The HPOU brought the issue to the attention of State District Judge Michael McSpadden, who promptly processed the paperwork necessary to release this evidence in a resolved case.

HPOU President Ray Hunt presented the Gaddis gun to Gayle and Stephanie Gaddis at the January meeting. Rose was undertaking a new job in El Paso and was unable to attend. She sent her regrets, as the Union helped to tie up a significant loose end in this notable death penalty case involving one of the 113 HPD officers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Adding to the poignancy of the moment was the presence of Alisha Will, wife of Officer Kevin Will, struck and killed by a DWI suspect on May 29, 2011. Mrs. Will was accompanying her son, Kevin Will Jr., who – like Stephanie Gaddis – never got to meet his father. Alisha was pregnant with Kevin Jr. at the time of the line-of-duty death.

The Union is dedicated to making sure no one – especially Houston citizens – forget these brave individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep the city safe. The placement of Guy Gaddis’ pistol into the hands of his family was but the latest example.

We shall never forget brave individuals like Guy Gaddis and Kevin Will Sr.