Jesus Aguirre named Investigator of Month

In its December general membership meeting, the HPOU named Jesus Aguirre the Investigator of the Month.

Aguirre’s supervising officers provided this account about the officer’s quick thinking and his actions that resulted in his nomination for the honor.

On Oct. 15, Aguirre, assigned to the Narcotics Division, acted with other members of his squad to conduct buy/bust operations in the southeast section of Houston. These operations are normally low level investigations that deal with quality of life issues, targeting the street level drug dealer who generally yields no intelligence value and small amounts of illegal substances.

But on this particular date, Aguirre initiated a buy/bust in the 2800 block of Iola. Based on this officer’s experience, he immediately knew that he was not dealing with a low level operative.

Aguirre hastily notified his squad members of what was taking place and implemented a plan of action. He used his skills to not only convince the suspect to sell to him but to take him back to a residence where he previously bought some drugs. This way Aguirre might be able to determine where the owner of the residence stored his stash of drugs.

After completing the deal Aguirre’s team immediately made an arrest with Aguirre able to obtain a written consent to search the house, where he seized a sizeable quantity of powder cocaine, a serviceable vehicle and more than $142,000 in cash.

Aguirre was able to utilize his impeccable skills, knowledge and quick thinking ability to turn a low level investigation into a significant seizure. He also was able to gather valuable intelligence that could possibly assist his squad in dismantling a major drug trafficking organization.