Joint retirement decision put the Officers Draycott together on patrol for the last two years of career

Tom Kennedy

A year ago Jason Draycott wanted to retire from HPD. He had an idea – he would approach his older brother Jim and try to persuade him to retire the same day.

“I have always loved police work,” Jim said. “I’ve never had a bad day at work in 32 and a half years. My worst day was when Jason got shot.

“I’ve had a great, fabulous career. Jason approached me in February 2015 and said, ‘I’m thinking about retiring like a year from now.’ Well, I could do it in maybe a year.”

So the Officers Draycott agreed to retire in July 2016. Neither talked the other out of it. So they are now retired.

Both brothers spent their entire career on patrol and never worked in any other division. It was the streets or nothing.

They were actually granted a wish after they made the monumental decision.

“They let us ride together the last two years,” Jim said. “It was like the perfect end to a perfect career.”

“We don’t argue about anything,” Jason said. “My brother is my best friend. We laugh and talk and tell the same stories. We do our work.”

In an interview with the Badge & Gun they laughed and talked about turning over the Houston streets to officers who don’t have gray hair. “We turned it over to the younger guys and said, ‘We’ll let you guys get away with stuff.’ ”

We don’t remember whose quote that was because the Draycotts practically ended each other’s sentences in the interview. And they agreed it was a great end to a fabulous career that they got to ride together before retirement.

Assistant Chief M. C. Provost was very much against the special patrol partnership. Jim said, “She was afraid that if something tragic happened to both of us, it was not a phone call she felt she could make to our parents.”

“Mam,” one of the Draycotts told Provost, “I assure you that Momma likes us riding together. Nobody loves more than Momma.”

Jim and Margaret Draycott have endured almost 33 years of policing by one or both of their two oldest sons. They know how the brothers have each other’s back every minute of every day.

They also had South Gessner Capt. Bob Robertson “put his shield on the line” in favor of the move.

The boys had been practically all over the world together. Patrolling Southwest Houston would be a breeze. And it was.

Prior to conquering that geography, Jim and Jason lived with their family in the Air Force in locations such as Abilene (where they both were born), Tucson, Arizona, Bangor, Maine, Thailand, Goldsboro, North Carolina, Omaha, Nebraska, Riverside, California, Tokyo, Japan and Knob Noster, Missouri.

Over all this great terrain they grew to love motocross racing and anything having to do with motorcycles.

“We have 19 motorcycles,” Jason said. “We race bikes and mini-bikes and we ride everywhere.”

Their first retirement trip will come on Aug. 25 when they join a lifelong friend they met in Japan to ride their street-legal dirt bikes to Idaho and proceed on a 700-mile off-road mountainside route to the Canadian border.

Hey, when you’ve patrolled Houston for a combined 63 years this will be a piece of cake.