K9 Officer Ronny’s memory lives on in Patrol Officer of Month presentation

Tom Kennedy

The HPOU honored three officers, including K9 Ronny, as patrol officers of the month at the March general membership meeting.

The event leading to this honor took place Feb. 21 and resulted in Ronny’s death.

Ronny and his partner, Senior Police Officer Dennis Shadden of the Tactical Operations Division, responded to a vehicle pursuit of a suspect in a stolen car who was tossing out items from the vehicle, eventually ramming an HPD patrol car.

The suspect bailed and ran into a wooded area abutting Greens Bayou. Officer set up a perimeter and K9 Officer Ronny and his partner Shadden began their search.

“The suspect was quickly located by the K9 team and he ran, like the coward he is, deeper into the woods,” HPOU’s Luis Menendez-Sierra said in the citation honoring the officers. “At that point K9 Officer Ronny attempted to apprehend the suspect, in doing so Ronny got his front leg caught underneath a rotted tree trunk, causing a severe injury.”

Officer Shadden immediately began rendering aid to his partner as Officer R. J. Hainey took a defensive position over both officers in case the suspect doubled back.

This individual did indeed return and was flushed out of the woods by other responding officers. He headed toward the three officers.

Although K9 Ronny still bravely wanted to enter the fight, despite a broken leg and other injuries, Officer Hainey knowing this suspect would not stop, immediately ran after him and apprehended him.

The officers rushed Ronny to an animal emergency clinic. The injuries were severe and Ronny’s suffering ended with euthanasia.

“Ronny bravely served the citizens of Houston for seven years and had approximately 250 captures. He was simply the best,” Menendez-Sierra said, “he was one of us   and he will never be forgotten.”

The HPOU Officer of the Month honor went to Ronny, his partner Shadden and Officer Hainey. No one could say enough about Ronny’s dedication to duty. Councilman Greg Travis, representing Mayor Sylvester Turner, attended the Union meeting and extended heartfelt sympathy to Ronny’s partner, Officer Shadder, and congratulated Officer Hainey for a job well done under dangerous circumstances.