Latest HPOU Patrol Officer of the Month known for calm, orderly pursuit of suspects

The HPOU honored Officer James Huckabee of Northeast Patrol as Patrol Officer of the Month in its December general membership meeting.

On Feb. 5, Huckabee responded to a female complainant who called in about a burglary of a residence in progress in the 9700 block of Galaxy. She said that a male had broken into her house, prompting her and her children to lock themselves in a bedroom where they could hear the suspect inside the house.

Huckabee and another officer arrived and while the other officer went to the front door he went around to the backyard. “As Officer Huckabee entered the back yard,” Sgt. Edwin Brzymialkiewicz said, “he observed the suspect climbing over the back fence into an alley. The officer quickly put the information out on the air and began a foot pursuit which lasted for several minutes.”

The officer continued to put out “very good directions” so that other officers could follow his path, Brzymialkiewicz said. After the suspect crossed Locksley, he began to stumble on debris in a yard, enabling Officer Huckabee to catch up to him and tackle him to the ground. He kept the suspect there until other officers arrived and arrested the man.

This incident was not the only one mentioned in the nomination form.

On Jan. 15, he responded to a disturbance in the 7100 block of Parker Road. When he arrived, he observed the suspect yelling at the complainant in a parking lot and pointing a black semi-automatic pistol at the complainant’s head.

“Officer Huckabee activated his emergency lights, stepped out of his car and commanded the suspect to drop his weapon,” Brzymialkiewicz said. “The suspect looked at Officer Huckabee, yelled an expletive and began to run northbound from the scene. Huckabee alerted Dispatch and other officers to the suspect’s actions and the fact that he was armed with a pistol.”

Huckabee then pursued the suspect on foot and was able to catch up to him in a back yard down the street from the initial confrontation. “The suspect fell to the ground on his stomach but he refused to remove his arms and hands from under his body,” Brzymialkiewicz said.

Knowing the suspect still had the pistol, the officer maintained his position until other officers arrived and assisted him in getting the suspect into custody. “It was later learned that the pistol was an airsoft gun that had been modified to look like a real gun,” the sergeant explained.

In both of these instances Officer Huckabee performed in an outstanding manner in pursuing and arresting dangerous suspects while keep his composure at all times and calmly putting out good information to the responding units.

“These are but two examples of the many in which Officer Huckabee has performed in such a manner,” Brzymialkiewicz said. “His ability to keep calm under extreme conditions and perform at such a high level is a great asset to the department.”