Legal Department

Every day, police officers must make split second decisions that may have long-term effects. Those decisions are always subject to review by others both inside and outside the police department.

Consequently, police officers may face prosecution, litigation and disciplinary action arising from their performance of law enforcement and public safety duties. Officers who find themselves the subject of these reviews deserve competent and responsive legal representation.

For a number of years, HPOU has provided its members a highly competent and responsive staff of legal professionals. The Legal Services office stands ready to represent officers in a variety of matters including administrative investigations, grievances, appeals of disciplinary actions, civil litigation, criminal matters associated with duties as an officer and guidance on workplace and job performance issues. In addition, an attorney is on-call 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week for emergency matters such as officer-involved shootings and deaths in custody.

The Legal Services attorneys have a wide range of experience outside the realm of police civil service law. Members may receive counseling and guidance on matters including probate, estate planning, family law, property law, personal injury, criminal law, worker’s compensation and litigation appeals.

It is our hope that you will never need these services, but if you do, it is reassuring to know you will be represented and defended by the full resources of the Legal Services office.

HPOU Legal Plan