Let’s Pray Texas Event October 19

The Houston Police Officers’ Union is asking all Texas police Unions and Associations, Law Enforcement Agencies, along with community, and state and local leaders, to join together in a day of remembrance and prayer.  On October 19th, 2016, we are calling upon all organizations to come together, as a unified group, to support Law Enforcement, the community, and the Leadership of the State of Texas. Our vision is one of unification, not only among law enforcement agencies but also within the communities in which we serve.

We are asking that each agency across the State of Texas have a “Lets Pray Texas” event.  This will be a state wide event, in which, we are encouraging each agency to reach out to Clergy within their community along with City leaders for a 1 pm state wide prayer at your local city hall or union hall, in conjunction with a prayer on the steps of the State Capitol.  This Prayer will include a citizen praying for Police Officers, A Police Officer Praying for the community, and Clergy praying for the State of Texas as well as, State Leaders.

The recent attacks on Law Enforcement have taken its toll on the Officers, as well as our communities. This being said, we will all need to come together as one unified voice if we want actual change. I am asking that we unify in PRAYER, as one body, to show support for law enforcement and for the communities, in which we proudly protect and serve. We are asking any Church who would like to participate to open their doors for a 1pm prayer service to last no longer then about 15 minutes.

The Houston Police Officers’ Union will be holding an event that will begin at 0700 hours at 1600 State St.  We plan on having KSBJ as well as, Clergy from the Police and Clergy Alliance on hand for prayer. We will be handing out the “Pray for Police” wristbands as well as, “Let’s Pray Texas” wrist bands. Please come by and visit with officers, pray with officers, and community leaders. At Noon, we will then walk over to City Hall for a small prayer for the City and State Leaders. We will be asking people to tag photos on social media with the #P4P and #LPT.  If you or your Church would like to be involved, please feel free to contact me.

Douglas Griffith – Vice President
Houston Police Officers Union
832-200-3427 – Office
713-501-4991 – Cell