Lynn B Clooney Memorial Award

Andrea Schmauss

Lynn B. Clooney was a founding member of the Houston Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.  Lynn, along with 20 other citizens graduated from Citizens Police Academy Class One. She was inspired by the officers who taught the classes, and felt it was necessary to form an alumni association to assist police officers.


The Houston Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association was formed in 1989, and received its state charter in 1992.  Lynn’s community involvement as Chairman of her Positive Interaction Program (PIP) group and as President of her Homeowners Association was the stepping stone to her attending the Houston Citizens Police Academy Class.


The Homeowners Association wanted their neighborhood cleaned up, but no one wanted to get involved.  Through Lynn’s perseverance, and work with the Houston Police Department, the small group was successful in reclaiming Walter Ramus Park.

Lynn served the alumni in several capacities.  She was elected to serve on the board of directors as Vice President, and then elected President in 1992.  Lynn’s goals and vision for the alumni were basic – support the Houston Police Department in growth, pay raises and creating a positive perception of the department. Lynn tried to live her life focused on credibility and accountability. It was her wish that everyone do the same.


Lynn was loved by those who worked with her and those fortunate enough to have known her.  Although Lynn is no longer with us, it is the focus of the alumni to continue her ideology and present an award in her memory to the outstanding HPD Officer of the Year.


The Lynn Clooney Memorial Award is presented in April or May of each year.  The award recognizes an OFFICER OF THE YEAR for his/her accomplishments in the previous calendar year.  Selection is made from nominations submitted by Commanding Officers of the Houston Police Department.  The first award was presented in 1994. When the nominations are received by the HCPAAA Board, all identifying information has been redacted from the submission.  This prevents an officer from being selected on the basis of favoritism.  All nominations are reviewed, discussed and voted on by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The Board is informed several days later as to the identity of the award recipient.