MADD honors 4 HPD officers for success in combating DWI; Officer Roy No. 1 in drunk driver arrests in 2016

Tom Kennedy

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) presented four Houston police officers with awards in connection with their roles in the constant effort to curb DWI instances in the Bayou City.

The top award went to Officer Keith Roy Jr. as the Top DWI Arresting Officer of the Year. Throughout 2016, Officer Roy, a third-generation HPD officer, arrested 271 individuals while working nights on the DWI Task Force out of Central.

Roy is son of the retired Keith Roy Sr. and grandson of Sam Roy out of HPD Police Academy Class No. 21.

The MADD awards were presented at the 2017 Take the Wheel Law Enforcement Saard and Recognition Event for Harris and Montgomery Counties on April 27 at the Ballroom at Bayou Place.

MADD’s Policy Setter Award went to three other members of the DWI Task Force – Senior Police Officer Don Egdorf (now a sergeant) and Officers Rashad Carter and Salvadore Corral. Another Policy Setter Award went to Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon, a former HPOU legal counsel.

Egdorf, Carter and Corral teach all DWI-related training for the department,  teaching cadets and officers about DWI enforcement and the correct application of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.

Roy Jr. joined HPD in Academy Class No. 210 in 2011. After training and serving at Southeast and Northeast, Roy came to the DWI Task Force in 2014 and has been there ever since.

He sounds like an officer who loves his work.

“I volunteered to go there,” he said. “It was something I looked at when I got out of the academy. I wanted to do traffic enforcement. To be honest, I saw it as a stepping stone to be a part of a radar task force. But I took a liking to it (DWI enforcement) and chose to stay there instead of moving on to the radar.

“We are looking to see if they (suspects) are intoxicated or impaired when we do those stops.”

Roy didn’t stay in one primary location in order to put together his outstanding DWI arrest record. “I move around,” he said, “I  patrol the southeast area, the Gulf Freeway and pretty much city-wide – the Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and Westheimer/Richmond. Those are the four areas I do a lot of paroling in.”

Roy admitted that he leaves the trend studying to the brass but believes the number of DWI-related accidents, especially the fatal ones, are down at the current time.

Personally, he said his arrest numbers started going up when he learned to file faster and more efficient reports so he could get back on patrol “and do more.”

Roy Sr. recently retired after 30 years with HPD. He inspired Roy Jr., who also said he couldn’t help but be headed for a policing career after his grandfather Sam began the HPD tradition. His cousin, Jason Roy, had to take a medical retirement after a tragic patrol car crash in 2011.

Roy Jr. has a growing number of degrees from Prairie View A&M University. They include a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and Technology and master’s degrees in Education Administration and Counseling.