May 16-20 Police Week activities will be highlighted By annual awards ceremony, Police Memorial Service

Tom Kennedy

Truly one of the HPD highlights of each year is the Police Week Awards ceremony at5 the Hyatt Regency Hotel, just a block or two away from headquarters at the Edward A. Thomas Building at 1200 Travis.

This year’s event, one of several highlights of Police Week, May 16-20, will be held on Monday, May 16 at noon in what has become an impressive fundraising event for the Houston Police Foundation.

The Department generally follows its traditional slate of Police Week activities, which always include a Day of Prayer led by clergy leaders from throughout Houston. It is scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 18 at 1200 Travis.

The Annual Memorial Service recognizing the 113 Houston officers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the citizens of the city they served, will be at 7 p.m. Friday, May 20 at the Houston Police Memorial site on Memorial Drive.

Participants in the customary procession down Memorial Drive to the Police Memorial are instructed to gather at 6 p.m. at the Houston Police Officers Union at 1600 State St. The procession begins at 7 p.m.

The traditional candlelight vigil will include the mayor and acting police chief placing a wreath on the Memorial, a roll call of deceased officers, a 21-gun salute, the playing of TAPS and a fly-over by HPD police helicopters.

The Houston Police Training Division, 17000 Aldine Westfield, will conduct free tours of the facility, beginning with an orientation at 9:45 a.m. and conclude at 1 p.m., Monday, May 16, 2016, through Friday, May 20.

Academy officials said that tours must be pre-scheduled via email at and must include the approximate number of attendees, grade(s), contact person, and school district information.

The 27 awards ceremony categories and list of finalists in order of presentation are:


Rookie of the Year:

Police Officer Reagan Bice

Police Officer Tyler Hansen

Police Officer Jonathan Mothershed


Instructor of the Year:

Sergeant Kraig Buchanan

Sergeant Antonio Gracia Jr.

Senior Police Officer Travis Warren


FTO of the Year:

Senior Police Officer Danny Flores

Senior Police Officer Alan Holub

Police Officer Cristina Tosso


Patrol Officer of the Year:

Police Officer Steven Castillo

Police Officer Phillip Hoss

Senior Police Officer Laura Lindquist

Police Officer Mario Moreno

Senior Police Officer Roy Rodriguez

Senior Police Officer Thomas Wooten


Patrol Supervisor of the Year:

Sergeant Stephen Hendrie

Sergeant Timothy Sutton

Sergeant Elias Zepeda Jr.


Civilian Skilled Service Employee of the Year:

Senior Aircraft Mechanic Steven Cowan


Tactical Officer of the Year:

Sergeant Carlos Alcantar

Police Officer Roosevelt Johnson

Senior Police Officer Steven Kutach


Undercover Investigator of the Year:

Senior Police Officer Michael Baccus

Senior Police Officer Lloyd Hicks

Senior Police Officer Daniel Rivera


Specialized Officer of the Year:

Senior Police Officer Ronald Curry

Senior Police Officer Steven Jackson

Senior Police Officer Marco Lopez


CIT Officer of the Year:

Police Officer Oscar Cavazos

Police Officer Michael Francois

Senior Police Officer David Walker


DRT/CSO of the Year:

Police Officer Jason Curtis

Senior Police Officer Jason Turrentine

Senior Police Officer Mary Young


Civilian Protective Services Employee of the Year:

Mobility Service Officer Byron Foulks

Senior Police Telecommunicator Regina Robertson

Senior Police Telecommunicator Karla Vaughan


Senior Police Officer of the Year:

Senior Police Officer James Byrd

Senior Police Officer Terry Houston

Senior Police Officer Cedric Williams


Proactive Investigator of the Year:

Senior Police Officer Paula Camp

Police Officer David Patterson

Police Officer James Yeoman


Reactive Investigator of the Year:

Police Officer Lee Donovan

Police Officer Amie Flowers

Senior Police Officer Kimberly Miller


Partners of the Year:

Police Officer Xavier Flores/Police Officer Nicole Tafhurt

Senior Police Officer Craig Full/Police Officer Michael LaReau

Police Officer Jeremy Medlin/Police Officer Matt Slade


Investigative Supervisor of the Year:               

Sergeant Michelle Gallagher

Sergeant Michael Ingels

Sergeant John Yencha


Technical Support Employee of the Year:

Senior Police Officer Raul Abdala

Police Officer Jonathan Ngar


Civilian Technical Employee of the Year:

Senior Communications Specialist Cynthia Cuellar

Senior Communications Specialist Cynthia Hale


Civilian Administrative/Para Professional:

Administrative Associate Diem Bui-Ngoc

Administrative Assistant Martina Medina

Administrative Assistant Leslie Piper-Horton


Civilian Professional Employee of the Year:

Senior Microcomputer Analyst Martin Lopez

Staff Analyst Carla Manuel

Administrative Supervisor Joe Zapata


Civilian Supervisor of the Year:

Evidence Technician Supervisor Tamara Davis

Police Telecommunicator Supervisor Ashley Helms

Office Supervisor Harkeert Singh


Administrative Classified Employee of the Year:

Senior Police Officer Debra Allee

Sergeant Michael Davis

Police Officer Adam Ho


Mid-Manager of the Year:                                

Lieutenant J’Marcus Adams

Lieutenant Paula Read

Lieutenant Catherine Richards


Civilian Manager of the Year:

Office Service Manager Ahmad Day

Administration Manager Jeffery Monk

Deputy Director Regina Woolfolk


Manager of the Year:

Captain Kenneth Campbell

Captain Gregory Fremin

Captain Robert Manzo


Lifetime Achievement Award:

Senior Police Officer Douglas Anders

Lieutenant Patrick Dougherty

Sergeant Rodney Hill