Membership Meeting Minutes for May 7


Ray Hunt called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance, and began the meeting in prayer.


The meeting was dedicated to Officer Alberto Vazquez Daryl who died in the line of duty in 1982.  Enrique Duharte read the dedication.


GUESTS: Honor citizens who assisted HCC Officer April Pikes.



Frederickson and Barnes by Lt. Gunther.



Officers Cerritos, Moore and Morisey


Ray informed all in attendance that the treasurer’s report was on the tables and asked if there were any questions. Ray then advised the membership that if they had any questions they could contact Tim Butler and he would assist them.

Reminders that the minutes are at



Ray stated that the Stars and Stripes Golf Tournament was a huge success and thanked all who assisted.

Ray stated that the PTSD Fundraiser and auction would be held on May 29th 11am till 1pm. Ray advised there would be some great items up for auction as well as an AR-15.

Ray stated Police Week roll call and reception would be tomorrow. Ray encouraged all who could attend to come and meet at the Union. Ray advised we would walk to the memorial. Ray also advised there would be refreshments at the HPOU building.

Ray wanted to give kudos to the Chief for his recent leadership in providing the authority to pair any officer up who wanted to be a two-man unit. The Chief is very aware of the current climate around the county and stated that we would not be Baltimore. The Chief continued and advised that he would not allow the riots and the issues that other big cities have encountered.

Ray advised the members that the contract grievance in regards to the Sgt. promotional test had been decided and the Union had lost the grievance. Ray stated that the current list would be left unchanged.

Ray advised that the Houston Police Foundation Clay Shoot will be held on Saturday may 30th.

Ray advised the members that new uniforms would be distributed in July and the department will be completed changed over to the dark uniform.

Ray stated to the members that field training increase first full pay period will be after July 1st, 2015 and the 4% will be on the June 26th check.

Ray stated the Cookout at SE was a success and the next one will be on Wednesday, May 13th at Westside Command station.

Ray advised the First Responders Fishing Tournament is Wednesday, May 27th and is sponsored by the Texas Police Trust.

Ray introduced Sgt. Oxford. Sgt. Oxford discussed RMS issues. Sgt. Oxford spoke to the membership in attendance and spoke on the upcoming changes in the RMS system. He advised there would be several LMS videos which will outline the changes.

Ray advised the members that the Law enforcement Night at Astros is Friday May 29th and the tickets are $5 and goes to the National Museum.

Ray advised that the Fundraiser for John Lambert on Tuesday, May 19th at the Academy and there would be a donated gun raffled.

Ray advised there would be a free play on May 31st, 7:30 at the Hobby Center. The Play is This American Family. Ray then allowed the play write to speak to the membership. Gladney Doroh then addressed the membership and encouraged the membership to support the play. He advised this is a family friendly play.

Ray stated everyone is invited to attend church service on Sunday, May 17th, 9:30am at Bethel’s Family Church, 12660 Sandpiper, Rev. Walter August, Jr. They ask Officers show up in uniform to be honored by the Church.

Ray advised that on April 15th the entire command staff and HPOU met to discuss 300 plus issues which had been complied from the recent supervisor meetings. Ray advised he was happy that the Chief took the time to address all issues despite some being ridiculous.

Ray advised the membership that there are guns for purchase from Tim Butler. Tim has AR-15s in stock, which will be sold at cost and in addition he has .223 ammo.

Ray then advised that the Chief made a decision regarding DWI’s and that people charged will get fired if they receive no pre trial diversion. Use your cab cards or find a designated driver.

Ray advised the membership that HOPA the Peer support group is live 832-200-3499 and that if any Officer was in need of assistance or knew of an Officer who needed help, to please call for assistance.

Ray advised the membership that the Badge and gun is going public and the email to receive it is If you have a family or friend who lives in the City of Houston and wants to receive the Badge and Gun, please send an email.

Ray told the membership that the HPOU App is now up and running. Ray stated that you could get the App free of charge from the App Store or Google Play. Ray encouraged all Board members to continue to push the App to the members.

Ray advised the membership that Mid-American Lending representative Mickey Keyes was here for any officer interested in a refinance or home loan. Ray advised that Mickey Keyes would donate $100 for each loan closed, to the Assist the Officer Foundation.

Ray then advised the membership that on May 27th the First Responders fishing tournament would take place and encouraged any member who wanted to participate to sign up.

Ray congratulated Joe Gamaldi on their second daughter, Arissa born on April 21st.



Ray then told the members to remember to KEEP YOUR FIELD NOTES! Ray advised we would address this in the legislature but for now officers need to keep them.

Ray Hunt reminded everyone to restrict his or her HCAD and voter registration information.  Spouse may restrict voter information as well. – Please update your address and/or email address at the HPOU office or by visiting (member tab).

Public Safety Financial Group (PSFG) –Thinking of retiring go see PSFG for a free financial analysis. The analysis is valued at approximately $500 and there is no obligation to join PSFG.  Contact PSFG at 832-200-3440 for an appointment.

URGENT CARE vs. ER – Ray advised the membership to use urgent care centers instead of emergency rooms.  Urgent care facilities are $60 compared to the ER visit of $300.  Because the city is self-insured, the ER visits increase the costs to the COH.

Ray Hunt reminded everyone to wear seat belts at all times and to watch your speed because the Chief is now monitoring from his desk.

Sobering Center – Ray asked all members to support and utilize the sobering center.  Utilizing the sobering center helps the city and is an easy process for officers.  Most officers are unsure of the location so encourage officers to look up the area before having to transport a person to the facility.

National First Responders Day – In honor of Sean Collier, MIT officer killed by the Boston Bombers, his brother is starting a movement to create a national first responders day.  Please go to and sign the petition.

Facebook/Twitter – Ray Hunt asked members to invite officers to “like” the HPOU Facebook page.  Additionally, HPOU is now on Twitter at @hpoutx.  The HPOU is working to increase communications to members.

Next Union Meeting will be on June 4th and Happy Memorial Day.






All Cadets from class 221 and Luis Guevara. Motion first by Luis Menendez- Sierra second by Kawanski Nichols. Motioned carried.



Ray Hunt announced the door prizes.



Colton made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Joe Gamaldi seconded the motion. The motion passed by a majority of membership


Minutes prepared by: Nancy Jones Assistant Secretary

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