Membership Meeting Minutes for October 1


Ray Hunt called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance, and then a prayer from Chaplin Monty Montgomery.



The meeting was dedicated to Officer Harry T. Mereness killed in the line of Duty in 1933.



Ray then addressed the membership in attendance and pointed out Katherine McDaniel Republican for the 174th District Court, Mike Sullivan and Keith Lawler. Ray thanked them for coming to the meeting and then allowed Katherine McDaniel to speak to the membership briefly in regards to her upcoming election.

Will Reiser and Doug Griffith represented the ATO and presented a check to Sgt. Kyle Cones from the fundraiser for his son Crew Cones. The amount of the presented check was $129,857.05, which made this the largest fundraiser to date.

Ray then presented HCSO chaplain with a plaque for the Goforth family, which was made by Rick Ashwood.



Ray then advised the membership who was selected as the Officer of the month, and Officer Julissa Diaz out of Clear Lake Patrol was presented with the award by Sgt. Luis Menendez-Sierra.



Ray advised the members that the Investigator of the Month is Allen Wallace and Eleazar Lopez, assigned to IAH and was presented the award by Sgt. Bridget Lummus.



Ray informed all in attendance that the treasurer’s report was on the tables and asked if there were any questions. Ray then advised the membership that if they had any questions to contact Tim Butler and he would assist them.

Reminders that the minutes are at



Ray advised the membership about the upcoming HPOU elections and that the new election chairman would be Lt. Al Elizondo. Ray advised of the membership of the contested races were as follows:

Director #1:

Kawanski Nichols

Maria Butron

Director #2

Ken I. Nealy

Sam Cleveland

Christopher Glenn

Mary Young

Director #5

David Riggs

Michael Bates

Director #7

Don Egdorf

Karl Mokwa

Director #11

Rosalinda Ybanez

Jim Tippy

Director #13

Stephen Augustine

Chad Crawford

Director #15

Luis Menendez-Sierra

Travis Williamson

Ray then advised that all positions which ran as unopposed would not be on the ballot. Ray advised the following persons ran unopposed and won their positions:

Ray Hunt – President

Will Reiser – Secretary

Jeff Wagoner –Director #3

Joseph Castaneda – Director #9

Bill Booth – Director #17

John Yencha – Director #19

Ray encouraged all the membership to participate in the online voting which would begin October 5th at noon and would end on October 16th at noon.

Ray then reminded the membership of the HPOU/TPT picnic which would be on November 14th at the Houston Farm and Ranch Club. Ray reminded the membership that this was a location change and encouraged all to attend.

Ray then informed the membership of the Doctors Council of Texas flyers which were being passed around. Ray advised this organization was available to assist officers with workers compensation issues. Ray stated that if an officer gets injured to contact this company and they would refer them to doctors who understood the workers compensation issues. Ray advised the City of Houston did not like this but that HFD and City Municipal Workers were already doing this and getting the proper treatment. Ray advised that the phone number is on the HPOU app.

Ray then told the membership that the Pray for Police Campaign is going well and that Clear Channel has donated ten Billboards across the area with the Pray for Police and first responders printed on them. Ray also advised there will be bumper stickers available soon at the HPOU building.

Ray mentioned to the membership of the SOSP changes. Ray advised with the change, officers would be able to work for another officer up until the start time of the shift. No longer is there a seventy-two hour restriction. Also supervisors were allowed to use SOSP when they have manpower issues. The final change was removing the restriction of only allowing an officer to work for someone twice.

Ray then called Cade Saurage to speak to the membership about the La-Hacienda Treatment Center for drugs, alcohol and PTSD. Cade advised that this was a facility that would provide assistance to any officer in need of assistance. Cade encouraged any officer who suffered from these issues or knew of someone to refer them to the center.

Ray told the membership that the Santikos Theaters- Santikos Palladim and Santikos Silverado would provide free tickets to officers from Sept 11- Nov 30th. The officers would be required to show their police identification for their free ticket. The tickets are for the officers only and any additional guest would have to be paid by the guest.

Ray mentioned to the membership that Rick Ashwood does incredible wood plaques of badge numbers or police emblems. Ray stated anyone interested should contact Rick to get one made.

Ray mentioned to the membership that the cookout at North West was a success and the next one will be held at the North East Station on Oct. 21st.

Ray advised the membership that there will be free flu shots here on Oct. 22nd and that information is also in the badge and gun on page 17. Ray also reminded the membership that the Health Assessment was due October 31st for the member and the covered spouse as well.

Ray reminded the membership that if you signed up for the PT test you have to be there on time or you will not be allowed to take the test. Ray recommended you plan on being there fifteen minutes early. Ray also advised if you were a no show or failed the test, you would not be eligible to sign up again until March.

Ray introduced Terry Bratton to talk to the membership in regards to the pension TV commercials. Terry advised that there are commercials, which have been spreading information that is not correct. He advised that Craig Mason who was a City appointee to the pension board had left his position and is now being paid as a spokesman for pension reform. Terry stated that this will be a fight to keep our benefits and he encouraged all to contribute to PAC.

Ray advised the membership that the body cameras are still coming and there should be a policy out soon. Ray also stated that he and the executive board was to meet with Chief Oettmeier to discuss some body camera issues before it is presented to City Counsel.

Ray advised the membership that Chick-Fila on Sawyer provided gift cards for a free ice cream cone, fries or drink. The cards can be picked up at the front for any person interested.

Ray advised the membership that Family Assistance has asked that we urge you to complete a will. Ray advised not having a will causes problems when an officer dies. Ray stated that the pension office would do the will for free.

Ray then told the membership in attendance that if your retired or in drop and would like to join the HPROA they could do so. The contact number for HPROA is (713) 802-2967.

Ray spoke on the First Responder Peer Support and advised it is held on Mondays and Thursdays.

Ray advised the membership there are free HBU football tickets available if interested.

Ray mentioned to the membership that AAPOL is having a “Jokes and Justice” to improve community relations on Oct. 28th at Improve at 7620 Katy.

Ray reminded the Officers at the meeting to get and use the new HPOU app for their smartphones. Ray stated that this is the quickest way for the HPOU to push out notifications to the membership.

Ray then told the members that if they were looking for a mortgage or a refinance to contact Mickey Keys at Mid-American Mortgage. Ray stated for each loan closed, Mickey donates one hundred dollars to the Assist the Officer Foundation. Ray stated they received an $800 check for ATO from Mickey for people using him for their mortgage needs.

Chris Kunkel with the HPD Bike relay team advised they are going to San Diego next year and asked for members to sign up if they are interested in joining the team.

Steven Daniel advised that on November 4th at 7:00 there will be a press release with the DA and Chief regarding the open carry law.

Ray advised that National night out is this Tuesday and encouraged anyone who wished to participate to do so.



Ray reminded the membership that October is family violence awareness month and advised there are purple bracelets that have been passed out.

Ray reminded the membership that if you were not a member of the organization you would receive no member benefits.

Ray advised the membership that HOPA the Peer support group is live 832-200-3499 and that if any Officer was in need of assistance or knew of an Officer who needed help, to please call for assistance.

Ray advised the membership that there are guns for purchase from Tim Butler. Tim has AR-15s in stock, which will be sold at cost and in addition he has .223 ammo.

Ray reminded the members that all mandatory in-service and police memorial was now on duty as of February 26th and forward.

Ray then told the members to remember to KEEP YOUR FIELD NOTES! Ray advised we would address this in the legislature but for now officers need to keep them.

Ray Hunt reminded everyone to restrict his or her HCAD and voter registration information. Spouse may restrict voter information as well. – Please update your address and/or email address at the HPOU office or by visiting (member tab).

Public Safety Financial Group (PSFG) –Thinking of retiring go see PSFG for a free financial analysis. The analysis is valued at approximately $500 and there is no obligation to join PSFG. Contact PSFG at 832-200-3440 for an appointment.

URGENT CARE vs. ER – Ray advised the membership to use urgent care centers instead of emergency rooms. Urgent care facilities are $60 compared to the ER visit of $300. Because the city is self-insured, the ER visits increase the costs to the COH.

Ray Hunt reminded everyone to wear seat belts at all times and to watch your speed because the Chief is now monitoring from his desk.

Sobering Center – Ray asked all members to support and utilize the sobering center. Utilizing the sobering center helps the city and is an easy process for officers. Most officers are unsure of the location so encourage officers to look up the area before having to transport a person to the facility.

Facebook/Twitter – Ray Hunt asked members to invite officers to “like” the HPOU Facebook page. Additionally, HPOU is now on Twitter at @hpoutx. The HPOU is working to increase communications to members.

Next Union Meeting will be on November 5th.












Ray Hunt announced the door prizes.



Doug Griffith made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Will Reiser second the motion. The motion passed by a majority of membership


Minutes prepared by: Nancy Jones Assistant Secretary

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