Membership Meeting Minutes October 6


Ray Hunt, President, called the meeting to order then followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Bishop Wilson provided the opening prayer.



Joe Gamaldi read the meeting dedication for Officer Victor Ray Well who was killed in the Line of Duty in 1980.



Ray Hunt advised the membership that a copy of the treasury report was available for review on the tables.



Ray reminded the membership that the meeting minutes are posted at HPOU.ORG.



Bishop Cory Wilson opened us in Prayer.

Jim Dutton spoke about the Garcia Project and gave an award to Louis Menendez-Sierra.

Ray stated that we have an important election coming up and to make sure and look at the candidates that the HPOU is endorsing and that they are on the website.

Ray also thanked Jessica from Mike Sullivan’s office for her attendance.



Patrol Officer of the month was Officer Bettinger.

Investigator of the month was Officer Morales, Narcotics. 



Treasurers reports are on the tables.

Ray advised that HPOU does not negotiate pension benefits, the

HPOPS elected trustees do. Ray added that HPOPS is currently meeting with the COH to work on drafting a bill to present in the upcoming Legislative session to address pension funding issue and is not planning a re-opener to the HPOPS contract.

Ray advised the HPOU Elections would begin October 7th and conclude at Noon on October 21st. Those contested positions were for 1st Vice President, Directors position 4, and Directors position 6,

Ray gave an update regarding body cameras and advised to make sure

to turn the cameras on ASAP and to document the activation in the RMS report. Ray advised that the cameras rollout is on schedule and to make sure that if there are problems to report them immediately.

Joe Gamaldi Gave an update on the heavy vest purchase.  He advised that we now have enough to purchase 600 Level 4 Body Armor Vest, thanks to the 100 Club for their generous donation. He also advised that the next project will be for funding ballistic helmet purchases.

Ray advised that the 911 Hero’s run was a success.  Thanks to those who ran Joe, Tom, Doug, Tim, and all other members who ran.

Ray reminded all to download the new HPOU App for their smartphones via both Apple and Google. This is the quickest way for the HPOU to push out notifications to the membership.

Ray stated a proposed resolution amendment to the HPOU Constitution, Article II, Section 8, will be on the upcoming election ballot.  The amendment would provide compensation for the services rendered by the HPOU President. Ray added if passed this change would not take place until after he has completed his term in office.

Ray said the upcoming Lieutenants exam is scheduled for Monday October 24th at NRG center.

Ray advised HPOU has a “Prayer Room” and invited everyone to go check it out.  Ray also talked about the “Lets Pray Texas” event to be held October the 19th at the HPOU.  He advised that there would be 24 hours of prayer at the HPOU and that we would be handing out wrist bands and at 1pm there would be a prayer across the stated for Police, and state leaders. Local Christian Radio Station KSBJ will be assisting with this event. The event will conclude with a walk to City Hall and Prayer with City Council at 1pm. He also advised that Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick would be involved as well.

Ray advised that the HPOU will not be giving comments to the Houston Chronicle due to their slanted stories and are just not factual in nature.

Ray reminded members that the “First Responder Peer Support” group is still being held on Monday and Thursdays and recently extended counseling assistance to Dallas PD, HC PCT 4 and Victoria PD. The contact number for HOPA is 832-200-3299.

Ray reminded all to utilize the Doctors Council of Texas if there injured in the line of duty, pamphlets are at the table.

Ray stated HPOU advised that there has been interviews but no Chief has been selected.  He again stated that he supports all four of the internal candidates who are seeking the Chief of Police appointment by Mayor Turner.

Ray advised everyone to complete the physical wellness assessment and to get your biometric numbers (both employee and spouse) between now and Dec 5th for May 2017 as a requirement toward qualifying to receive the COH Medical Insurance discount. Your spouse has to set up their own account.

Ray reminded all that the 5th Annual Family Picnic hosted by HPOU & Texas Police Trust is scheduled for November 12th at the Houston Farm and Ranch Club.  This is a great family event to attend. Flyers and tickets are available at the front desk at no charge.

Ray stated that a “Poker Night” fundraising event was schedule at the Dave and Buster at Baybrook Mall in Clear Lake on November 11th at 6pm for the family of a Pearland PD officer killed in an auto accident.



Fill prescriptions at HEB, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Sam’s or Kelsey but NOT Target. Target and CVS have been removed from the approved locations to get medication filled.

If in the market for a home loan or refinancing use Mickey Keys with PHH mortgage. With every closed loan Mickey donates $50 to the Assist the Officer Foundation.

Guns for purchase “Sold at Cost” see Tim Butler..

Restrict HCAD and voter registration information.  Spouse’s may restrict voter information as well.

Please update your address and/or email address at the HPOU office or by visiting (member tab).

Thinking of retiring go see PSFG for a free financial analysis valued at approximately $500 and there is no obligation to join PSFG.  Contact PSFG at 832-200-3440 for an appointment.

URGENT CARE vs. ER Use urgent care centers instead of emergency rooms.  Urgent care facilities are $65 compared to the ER visit of $400.  Because the city is self-insured, the ER visits increase the costs to the COH.

Everyone wear seat belts at all times and watch your speed.

Use the Sobering Center, Utilizing the sobering center helps the city and is an easy process for officers.

Follow HPOU on Twitter at @hpoutx and “like” us on the HPOU Facebook page.






New members Michael Henderson, Michael Kettler, and Kathleen Wingfield were voted in as members.

Ray advised the next general membership meeting is scheduled for

November 3rd, 2016.



Ray Hunt announced the door prizes, Rockets tickets, Yeti Cup, Camo Jacket, gift card.




Doug Griffith made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Tim Butler seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

Minutes prepared by: Douglas Griffith VP

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