Minutes for the April 1, 2021 General Membership Meeting


Doulas Griffith called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Bishop Corey Wilson led the prayer.



Ken Nealy read the meeting dedication for Officer Frank Manuel Cantu Jr. who was killed in the line of duty on March 25, 2004.



Steve Benavidez with VFW.



Investigator of the Month: Amber Kahn with Narcotics.

Patrol Officers of the Month:  Officer Joe Escamilla with Central Patrol.



The motion to accept the treasury report was made by Dan Levine. Second by Ken Neely. Motion carried.



Douglas Griffith introduced all board members.

Chief Acevedo is leaving to Miami and Chief Finner will be Chief. Chief Finner acknowledged the positive impacts Chief Acevedo made. Chief Finner spoke about resetting the department and getting back to traditions. Chief Finner said if we want the old badges back then that is what we will go to and he will be pinned with the old badge. Chief Finner acknowledged EAC Slinkard and his commitment to the department and his appreciation for their partnerships. Chief Finner expressed his appreciation for the support, his open-door policy, and his promise to take care of the department and take his appointment seriously.

EAC Slinkard spoke about the partnership with Chief Finner and his commitment to helping him and lead the department. EAC Slinkard emphasized the importance of morale and his focus on improving the morale of the department. EAC Slinkard said there are challenges ahead and changes coming but we will get through it.

Douglas Griffith said we have 5,140 officers and the staffing levels are low that is 300 less than 1998. The Mayor has approved the 6th academy class. Doug emphasized the need to recruit to fill the cadet classes and reminded them about the $2,000 incentive drawing for mentors.

Doug acknowledged the discipline issues and are trying to get something worked out on that.

Scholarship breakfast is April 17 and there will be two separate events due to COVID, one will be at 9am and one will be at 10:30. There are 79 scholarship recipients this year.

Family movie night on April 30th in the HPOU parking lot.

Family picnic will be November 13th at the Oil Ranch.

Doug said they continue to fight the DA’s office but stressed the importance on voting for the judges that are setting the low bond amounts. Doug updated on the Firefighter Bill in Austin.

Doug stated Ray Hunt has been fighting some bills in Austin to include continuing to oppose the George Floyd act for qualified immunity in legislation.

Doug updated on the free of charge online ID protection to scrub personal information off the internet for officers.

Doug stated everyone is a member of the FOB lodge 110 unless you dop yourself and the dues are paid by the HPOU.

Doug informed that Paws and Patrol is back up and running and any officers that want to take pictures with the animals to get with Dan Levine.

Doug stated the ATO gala event this year was cancelled but looking to host in March of 2022.

Tom Hayes stated they bought about 200 more model cars and will be available to buy.

Doug reminded people not to put anything on your city cell phones.

Doug stated we do not have a contract right now because they are waiting for legislature to conclude before they begin negotiations so if there is anything that they need to fix in the contract they can.

Next meeting is Thursday May 6th.



Doug reminded officers to be their brother’s keeper and contact HOPA at 832-200-3499 if someone is in need.

Next meeting is Thursday May 6th.








Ken Neely announced the door prizes.


Doug Griffith requests to adjourn the meeting. Fred Rodriguez made the motion. Second by Ken Neely. Motion passed.


Minutes prepared by Shannon Barker

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