Minutes for the December 2 Membership Meeting

-Call to order, pledge, prayer

-Meeting Dedication: LODD Camp Logan riots – Ken Nealy

Rufus Daniels

Edward Meinecke

Horrace Moody

Daniel Patton

Ira Raney



Greg Travis – Running for State Rep in the 133 districts

Mary Nan-Huffman running for Dist G.

Kherkher-Garcia for any legal needs


Presentation for Jeffery and Vance Family from ATO, Family Support Unit,

Crosses by Craig, a retired teacher who owns Big Man Artistic designs


-Patrol Officer of Month –

-Investigator of the Month-

-Treasurer’s Report on tables

-Reminder that minutes are at hpou.org


  • Family Picnic – Thanks Dan
  • Healing Crusade – January 13th, 2022
  • Vaccine / testing mandate – Please input information 74%
  • Still twice a week testing – Thanks Dan Levine- next Monday
  • Contract update we have started the talks and will ramp up quickly.
  • Understand how fast this moves once done…….
  • Staffing levels – Down and it will drop even more.
  • Continued issue with DA’s/Judges- any issues bring them to us
  • Social media- helps us spread the word
  • Online ID protection – free another service we provide
  • FOP Lodge 110 – all active members are members of FOP
  • ATO Gala March 28th, 2022
  • PR campaign with BARC, pictures with animals-contact Dan Levine
  • Reminder that City email is all open records request eligible/ City Phones
  • *If you need a will done, Fulton Broemer, will do it for free


*HPOU App for your phone is now Updated – google play and the App store

*Peer Support is live:  832 200 3499 HOPA

*Thinking of retiring?  See PSFG for free no obligation financial analysis.

*Next meeting is Thursday December 2nd

-Unfinished Business-Any-

-New Members- Glen Smith

Motion by Tom Hayes, second by Ken Nealy



Door Prizes/Adjourn- Motion by Hayes, second by Ken

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