Minutes for the February 3 Membership Meeting


Doulas Griffith called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Bishop Cory Wilson lead the prayer.



Ken Nealy read the meeting dedication for David Huerta end of watch September 19, 1973.



Steve Benavidez with VFW.

Greg Travis with City Council

Keith Lawyer

Beverly Armstrong running against Greg Glass for Judge

Randy Wallace (Journalist with Breaking Bond, Fox 26)

Kherkher Garcia



Investigator of the Month: Sgt. Reyes and Officer Brown with Major Assaults

Patrol Officers of the Month: Gatson, Hayden, Alvarez, and Ricones with Northeast Patrol



The motion to accept the treasury report was made by Ricky Brasuell, second by Dan Levine, motion carried.



Video shown of Mary Nan Huffman being sworn in as councilwoman for District G.

Video highlighting the disrespect of Lina Hidalgo displayed at the funereal of Constable Charles Galloway.

Randy Wallace with Fox 26 “Breaking Bond” is the first person to receive the Journalist of the Year award given by HPOU.

Michael Berry and HPOU present Marvin Hamilton with Lifetime Achievement Award.

The city’s plan to address crime is to staff 120 officers per day, per shift, on overtime program. Officer can be ordered to work the paid overtime program, but HPOU has asked the city not to cause burn out with Officers who are already working hard on the streets.

HPOU is still in negotiations on the contract, it is getting close. It will be quick, turn around must be quick but you should be able to read the entire contract in 3 hours and voting will be around the clock. Doug states he would not bring anything to a vote, that he feels would not be approved.

HPOU is still providing COVID testing, no one has been disciplined for not testing.

Mayor has approved 6th academy class but are struggling to get applicants.

ATO Gayla is Saturday, March 26th and you can buy tickets or a table, this is a great event. Thin Blue Line Citizen Watch Raffle for ATO event, information on the table.

Still doing BARC pictures, anyone who wants to take pictures contact Dan Levine.

Staffing levels are down and expected to drop even more.

There are continued issues with the DA’s and Judges, please bring any issues to the HPOU. Social media helps spread the work on these issues, please like and share posts from HPOU.



HPOU provides free online ID protection, please sign up.

All active members with HPOU are members of the FOP Lodge 110.

Reminder city email and city phones are open records request eligible.

Personal injury attorney for family and friends if they need to sure contact Kherkher Garcia law firm.

If you need a will, contact Fulton Broemer, they will do it for free.

Combined insurance provided by HPOU, check plans and rates if interested.

HOPA, if you see someone struggling reach out to someone on the board, 832-200-3499.

See Public Safety Financial if you are thinking about retiring.

Next meeting is Thursday, March 3.









Doug announced the door prizes.



Doug Griffith requests to adjourn the meeting. Tom Hayes the motion. Second by Ken Nealy. Motion passed.

Minutes prepared by Shannon Barker

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