Minutes for the June 2024 Membership Meeting


Douglas Griffith called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Meeting dedication for Officer David Huerta, EOW September 19, 1973.



Mike Sullivan

Dan Simons – candidate for Harris County DA

Jay Guerrero – Senator Cornyn’s office

Kelly Waterman – Senator Cruz’s office



Officers of the month – Officer Dominic Samaniego and Thomas Kang with Central Division.

Investigator of the month – Officer Zane Brumley with MA & FV Division.



The motion to accept the treasury report was made by Debbie Lahaie, second by Shannon Barker, motion carried. The report is on the table and available upon request from Tim Butler.



Jesus Robles announced information on the Shields of Christ retreats for officers as well as the Law Enforcement Torch Run.

Suspended cases issue is still ongoing.  Poorly handled by prior administration which led to Finner being removed.  Internal issues are continuing with the handling of the investigation.

No word on the next permanent chief currently.

The fire contract is out, and the city council is handling all the issues with it.

Please give monthly to PAC if you are not already doing so.

Officers in crisis, how can we help? Tell people about the problem. City policy needs to change.  AA meetings have started at union hall.

Shut down rumors and get the truth out.

Resources are there to help all around, but we do not know what we are not told so get information out to those that can help.

The ATO has ongoing fundraisers. Golf Tournament is in October. More fundraisers and events are coming up and police memorial services in May.  Thank you to Tim Whitaker for all you do.

Remember to sign up for Online ID protection on the 3rd floor.

If you want to submit an article to the Badge & Gun, please email it to Info@HPOU.org and if it chosen you will receive a gift card.

If you want to take pictures with BARC for the PR campaign, then contact Dan Levine.



HPOU app for your phone updated in the google play and the app store, website too.

Minutes are at HPOU.ORG.

HPOU provides free online ID protection, please sign up.

All active members with HPOU are members of FOP Lodge 110. Medical benefits available. Questions with cards see Kawanski Nichols.

Personal injury attorney for family and friends if they need to sure contact Kherkher Garcia.

If you need a will, contact Fulton Broemer, they will do it for free.

Insurance provided by HPOU, check plans and rates if interested.

Peer Support is live, contact HOPA, 832-200-3499.

See Public Safety Financial Group (PSFG) if you are thinking about retiring.

Next meeting is August 1st.



All of class 263



Bobby Kessler made a motion to adjourn the meeting, second by Alex Rushton, motion passed.



Minutes prepared by Joey Dunn

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